Mrs. Thomas

Fourth Grade



April 1

School resumes

April 5

School Spirit Day

Wear blue and gold

April 12

ELA Part 1 AIR test

for 4th grade in the morning

April 12

Progress reports sent home

April 15

ELA Part 2 AIR test

for 4th grade in the morning

April 19

No School

April 23

Math Part 1 AIR test

for 4th grade in the morning

April 24

Math Part 2 AIR test

for 4th grade in the morning

May 3

Strides for Pride

May 9

Volunteer Luncheon

May 10

School Spirit Day

Wear blue and gold

May 24

4th grade field trip

Statehouse and Judicial Center

May 27

No School

May 28

Super Games

May 29

Last day of school


Math: As we get back to math after the break, students will be working on the last multiplication/division unit for the year. This unit pushes students to become even more efficient in their calculations while using estimation and multiples of ten to help them. The unit also uses measurement conversions as the basis for many of the word problems students are asked to solve. In this way, students are putting into practice the skills and concepts already covered in earlier math units this year. The standard algorithm that most parents know and use for solving multiplication and division problems is not our focus in fourth grade. Students will instead learn how to use their knowledge of the area model and arrays, along with the connections between multiplication and division to help them solve problems. Students will also be expected to recognize problems involving more than one step, write algebraic expressions to represent a story problem and explain the reasonableness of an answer.

Social Studies: In history, we will be studying the settlement of the Northwest Territory. Students will learn about the Northwest Ordinance and how it created a plan for territories to become states. We will also study the Ohio settlers' ongoing conflicts with the American Indians and Great Britain over the Ohio frontier.


Yes, you read that correctly. I have been summoned to jury duty the week of April 8. Therefore, I will not be at school April 8-12. Mrs. Amy Giles, a frequent substitute in my classroom this year, has committed to being my substitute during this week. I will be checking in daily, but I wanted parents to know. In case of urgent day-of needs during that week, please touch base with the office staff or Mrs. Leopold since I will not be at school. Of course, you can always reach me by email which I will check as frequently as possible while I am on jury duty.


The fourth graders will take a field trip on Friday, May 24 to the Ohio Statehouse and the Judicial Center to see state government in action. This will be an all-day field trip with students leaving school around 9:00 and returning around 2:00. More information will be sent home later, however if you would like to be a parent chaperone, I wanted to get the date to you. Also, because of the large number of parents who typically like to attend, we ask chaperones to meet us at the Statehouse around 9:30 the day of the field trip. We generally do not have room on the buses to accommodate all parents, but would love for you to participate in this experience with your student.