Mrs. Mocarski's Spanish Page


Welcome to the world of foreign language! This year will hold many opportunities for you to grow both academically and personally as we explore challenging new vocabulary, grammatical structures, cultural perspectives, and real-world applications of the Spanish language. You will not receive a textbook this year however you may check one out from me at any time to take home for reference. We will begin the year with basic pronunciation and conversational skills and we will expand our knowledge of Spanish vocabulary/verbs and learn more complex grammatical structures as the year continues. We will work on improving writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills. In order to expand the skills you develop this year, you will be expected to speak Spanish every day in class in order to prepare you for level two!

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments, or concerns!

Contact Information:

Amber Mocarski

Gahanna Middle School East

(614) 479-1647

*I encourage you to follow our classroom calendar on the Spanish 1 page to stay updated on class assignments!