Mrs. Gricar

8th Grade

Social Studies

This is an outline of the lesson plan. Students that missed class should follow the link to see what was covered while they were out. Check Google Classroom and the Assignment Calendar as well. Links to handouts, presentations, video clips, notes, charts, etc. can be found in those locations.

Assignment Calendar :

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On-line textbook McGraw Hill is available on your chromebook through Classlink.

Curriculum Highlights by Quarter for 8th Grade Social Studies

Quarter 1: During the first quarter we focus on Early Exploration, Colonization of the New World, the causes and effects of the American Revolution and also, the formation of America’s government systems: the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution.

Quarter 2: The second quarter continues exploring the intricacies of the Constitution. Afterwards, we investigate the impact the Federalists and Anti-Federalist played in the development and growth of the young nation. We will research and analyze the policies of the early U.S. Presidents and compare various perspectives on how to govern the United States.

Quarter 3: Sectional differences between U.S. regions, and the growth in industrialization are the focus for the third quarter. Students examine how the movement of people, products and ideas resulted in new patterns of settlement and land use; and how that influenced both the political & economic development of the U.S.. Also, through the use of primary sources students examine how cultural biases, stereotypes and prejudices had social, political and economic consequences for minority groups and the population as a whole. This quarter also examines the causes and effects of the Civil War.

Quarter 4: The fourth and final quarter we explore the idea of Manifest Destiny, Reconstruction, and personal finances. We will evaluate the impact the American people had on the natural resources and the natives that were already occupying the land. Additionally, the treaties and policies that were created by the American government will be analyzed. Lastly, we spend time learning the basics of how to balance and adhere to a budget.