January 11: School Spirit Day - School Song at 2:05 p.m.

January 15: PTO Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

January 18: Progress Report for Trimester #2 goes home with students

January 18: Martin Luther King, Jr. PRIDE Talk at 8:45 a.m.

January 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School for Students and Staff

January 22 - Game Club after school

January 25 - Harry Potter movie after school

January 29 - Student led Parent/Teacher Conferences

January 31 - Student led Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 1 - Spirit Day

February 12 - Game Club after school

February 12 - PRIDE Partners PTO meeting 7pm in library

February 15 - No School - Conference Comp Day

February 18 - No School - Presidents' Day

February 22 - Harry Potter movie after school

February 25 - Open House

February 26 - Game Club after school

Welcome to Mrs. Basford's

5th Grade Class!


Blacklick Expectations

We are






January 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

My portal has been updated with general information about my classroom. Specials are listed below on the right, while important dates are on the left. Basic class information is below. Parents will receive emails from me at least twice monthly. These will have more specific information about what the students are learning in class at that time. I sent the first email on the first day of school. If you did not receive it please let me know, and I will check to make sure the email information we have is correct. Be sure to check your child's PRIDE Folder on the first day of each week for additional school or classroom information.

Paulie Basford

5th Grade Math/Science

Blacklick School 614-759-5100


Language Arts Mrs. Henry (or Mrs. Nicholson)

Most of your kids will receive English Language Arts instruction from Mrs. Henry and/or Mrs. Nicholson. They will keep you informed on what the students are learning/doing each week and what their classroom expectations are.


Welcome to math, the coolest subject around! We believe that if you can do math, you can do ANYTHING!!

Our math curriculum is based on the Ohio Learning Standards. We use Investigations as our main resource book, but supplement with many other materials. With each new unit, students will bring a set of Learning Targets for you to review with your child so that you are both aware of what lessons we will be having over the next few weeks. They will also receive a set of papers from the Student Activity Book (SABs) which will be kept in their binders. Some of the papers are done in class along with lessons, while others may be given as homework. Pre and Post Tests are given to each child to measure growth of understanding over the unit topics. I really enjoy teaching math and have my classroom set up to be able to meet with individual and small groups of kids every day. Please let me know if you have any questions about math instruction at any time during the year.


Stay curious!

Our science curriculum is also based on the Ohio Learning Standards. I love teaching science and make lessons as hands on as possible. We have units in Inquiry, Life, Physical, and Earth and Space Sciences. Students will use inquiry in every unit which means they will have opportunities to design and carry out experiments throughout the year. I will send home Learning Targets at the beginning of each unit and a Study Guide the week before the test. Please use these to help your child prepare for the test. Again, please contact me with any questions you may have about science classes.

Social Studies

The fifth grade team share the teaching of 5th grade social studies topics. Mr. Henry and Mrs. Henry are teaching many of the history standards for social studies during the first and second trimester and government and citizenship during the third trimester. Mrs. Rogers and I will teach an economics unit at the end of the year. You will learn more about these lessons as the year goes by!

Weekly Schedule

All 5th grade specials are scheduled between 8:15am and 9:00am daily.

A: Library

B: Music


D: Art

Note: Our guidance counselor at Blacklick is Mrs. Jenkins. She meets with our class once a month throughout the year.