Ms. Lawson's 3rd Grade Class

Hello Parents and Guardians, Thank you for visiting! This Week, November 12th, we will be focusing on Chapter 6 in Math. Please continue to practice the facts at home as well as the vocabulary.

We will also continue studying about animals in Science.

Thank you for attending our Veterans Day Concert!!

Important Links to help you in the 3rd Grade!

Prospect's Third Grade Site - The link below accesses our common site which contains our Reading Themes' spelling words, vocabulary terms, and skills. Math chapter vocabulary terms are listed here.

Trumbull County Educational Resource Center- a great resource for students and parents. The link below will take you to KidsCorner where students can practice skills using computer skills.

Math Magician- timed tests to practice basic math operations.

First in Math- a fun, motivating, and competitive site that builds skills as students work on grade level standards. Students have been given their usernames and passwords.

HoodaMath: another fun and motivating site that builds skills on grade level standards.

Study Island- supports the learning process and builds off students' enthusiasm for technology with standards based learning activities and assessments

Fun Math Games:

Math Playground

Stop the clock