Our Future

It is an exciting time of planning for GIPS

As you read the stories and updates and data within this annual report, it is easy to see the staff of Grand Island Public Schools is always busy working for our students and our community. Our current students demand our attention in the classroom and we are dedicated to helping them succeed.

We are also focused on the future. What will high school be for our current kindergartners? What will elementary be for babies born this year? How will we continue to grow our academic experience to meet the requirements of students living in a world constantly filled with new opportunities and needs?

These are challenging questions and they also demand our attention.

For this reason, GIPS is engaged in two parallel planning processes to develop the vision of Grand Island Senior High and set the strategic plan for our district.

The GISH Visioning Team is meeting with District Management Council from Boston to analyze what is working and what opportunities for improvement we have to meet the needs of our high school students. This process started with public input and lots of data research. The team is now working on a draft of the new vision for high school in the district. A public process for feedback and revisioning will follow in the coming months.

The GIPS strategic planning process also started with massive public and internal stakeholder feedback gathering. Thousands of parents, staff, students and community members offered their thoughts on the district as Dr. Grover asked them all key questions. GIPS is working with Croft & Joftus to pour through the data and feedback to put the pieces together for a strategic plan for the district.

These two large projects will lay the foundation and set the path for the future of education in our district. The next five to ten years will be a time of constant improvement by the district on behalf of our students and community.