Senior Project Resources

Timeline for Senior Project 2019
  1. [Feb. 7] Clone the Master Doc, and Complete your project Prospectus
  2. [March 7] With your Mentor, complete a formal Letter of Intent
  3. [April 11] Secure Final Approvals (Advisor, Parent, Mentor, and Faculty Panel)
  4. [May 15] Log and have your mentor verify your On-Site Experience; Prepare your Exhibition
  5. [May 16-22] Present Scheduled Exhibition and Critique Peer Exhibitions

Create your Document

  1. Make a copy of this master document

2. Set the document so Anyone with the link can view

3. Submit the link of your document

Career Exploration

  • combination of observation, research, and experience
  • NOT simply shadowing

Creative Enterprise

  • create an authentic, original work
  • NOT time to focus learning new skills

Service Learning

  • collaborative project that fills a need in society
  • NOT a fundraiser

Scholarly Pursuit

  • advanced research on a topic you love
  • NOT (usually) a research paper

Prepare Prospectus

Before you make your plan, you've got to meet with possible mentors and evaluate your options. Linked here is a list of past mentors (advisors, see here for more information) for you and your advisor to consider, or you may find your own mentor. Then complete and submit a Prospectus within your document.

Help with Essential Questions

Letter of Intent

Work with your mentor and advisor to prepare a formal Letter of Intent inside your document describing your upcoming on-site experience. Linked here are some sample Letters of Intent, but plan to write your own, including all dates and times involved. Then get your mentor to approve it by adding a comment on your document.

Examples: Career, Creative, Scholarly, and Service

Log Your Experience

Right in your Senior Project document, you'll be recording what you've accomplished during the time you've spent out of class. Your Project Log and Mentor Verification will be confirmed there by your mentor.

Present Your Exhibition

Prepare and then present your public Exhibition as scheduled. In this section are some sample Exhibition Rubrics like those that will be used by your judges. Also, pay special attention to the Exhibition Guidelines and Tech Considerations, to help you ensure you are ready to present and pass your exhibition!

(Remember to also attend and critique two other advisory peer exhibitions as required.)

Example rubrics