Mrs. Merrix's 2nd Grade Classroom

Hello 2nd grade students and parents!

Below you will find several online resources which correlate with the home-based packets you have received.

You will also find the online lesson plans for the remainder of the school year (weeks 1-9) across the top of the page.

Please do not feel overwhelmed by the work your child has been given. The work is not to be taken for a grade, but rather it is meant to give your child the instruction our class had not yet covered this school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through Remind or by email.

I miss all of my students so much! I cannot wait to see them one day soon.

-Mrs. Merrix ❤

*There are many videos from Brainpop Jr. in the online resources.

You will need this login information to access them:

Username: giles

Password: gilesk12

At-Home Science Experiments

Science Experiment Assignment:

Here are some simple, at-home experiments that you and your child can do together!

However, you do not HAVE to select one of these. Be sure to send a picture/video of your experiment so I can post it for your friends to see! Please click on the < and > buttons to view the show slide by slide. :)
I miss you

Science Online Resources

WEEK 1: Habitats:


2. go to science>habitats Watch them all if you want!


WEEK 2: Changing Habitats and Fossils:

1. go to science>land>fossils



WEEK 3: Uses of Plants:





WEEK 4: Parts of a Plant:

1. go to 2nd grade>Science>letter K>#2

2. go to science>plants>parts of a plant


WEEK 5: Plant Life Cycle:


2. go to 2nd grade >Science> letter K> #3

3. go to science>plants>plant life cycle


WEEK 6 and 7: Butterfly Life Cycle



3. go to science>animals>butterflies


WEEK 8: White-Tail Deer:



WEEK 9: Magnetism: My Video on Magnets

1. go to science>forces>magnets




Soc. Studies Online Resources

Week 1:

Social Studies Textbook Access

(Read Chapter 5 in online textbook) go to social studies>holidays > check out videos for Martin Luther King Jr. & Thanksgiving

Week 2:

Read chapter 6 pages 100-106 in online book go to science>conservation>natural resources (Great video on 3 types of resources)

Week 3:

Read Chapter 6 pages 108-112 in online book go to social studies>economics (Watch all 3 videos)

Check out these 2 books on EPIC Books:

  1. What Do We Buy?: A Look at Goods and Services By: Robin Nelson

  2. Who's Buying? Who's Selling?: Understanding Consumers and Producers By: Jennifer S. Larson

Week 4:

Read Chapter 7 pages 114-123 in online book go to social studies>citizenship>Rights and Responsibilities (Video on laws, rights, and responsibilities)

Week 5:

Read Chapter 7 pages 124-129 in online book go to social studies>citizenship> watch "statue of liberty" and "American Symbols"

Check out these 2 books on EPIC Books:

  1. Hello, America!: Lincoln Memorial By: Kaitlyn Duling

  2. United States Capitol by Julie Murray Video of Star Spangled Banner (Look for American symbols)

Week 6:

Take virtual field trips to see our nations symbols at:



Week7: (This week can also be split up to cover weeks 8 and 9)

Review of Continents and Oceans



  3. go to Social Studies> A. Geography>work on 4-6

Review your country, state, county, and town

  1. Virginia Video

  2. Slideshow of Giles County


EPIC Books

***An Email was sent to you for your child to access books on Epicbooks***

Parents who are teachers and already have accounts on Epic can look up the following books for weeks 1-3:

There are also some science books you can check out on Epic if you'd like!...

Fossils By: Grace Hansen

Helping Habitats By: Barbara Webb

Plants We Eat By: Jennifer Colby

Math Online Resources

Week 1: go to Math>Time> watch "Time to the Hour" and "Time to the Minute" (Time to 5 Minutes) (AWESOME video if your child needs extra help with time!) go to 2nd grade>math>letter Q "Time" determine which practice number your child needs (There are lots!)

Weeks 2 & 3: go to math>data watch "bar graphs and tally charts" and "pictographs" (Video on Tally Marks) go to 2nd grade>math>Letter R "Data and Graphs"

Week 4: work on letter X- 1 and 2 for probability go to math>data >basic probability (Instructional Video on probability)

Week 5: go to math>geometry > watch "Plane Shapes" and "Solid Shapes" (My Shape Video) work on letter U 3D shapes (Number Rock Video on 3D shapes) (Name that Shape!)

Week 6: work on letter T numbers 8 and 9 on symmetry (Video) (Song)

Week 7: Fractions (My Video) (Fractions Another Instructional Video) work on letter W- Fractions numbers 1-14 (Fractions Video) go to math>fractions>watch basic parts of a whole

Week 8: Ordinal Numbers go to math>measurement>watch inches and feet (Inches and Feet Video) Measuring Slideshow :) work on letters S Measuring 1-4 and C Names of numbers 1 & 2

Week 9: work on any review (Especially Place Value) go to math>number sense>watch videos on place value, rounding, even and odd

Review Counting by 5's, 10's, and 2's: here's a collection of songs we often did in class

  1. 5's


  3. 10's

  4. 10's

  5. 2's

  6. 2's


Math Games


***Let me know if you still need your child's login information***

Language Arts Online Resources

Week 1: go to 2nd grade>language arts> letter C "consonants and digraphs" select which practice numbers your child needs

Week 2: go to reading and writing>sentence> watch "commas with adjectives and lists" go to 2nd grade>language arts> Letter YY "Punctuation" #1 Commas in a series (My video for commas)

Week 3: go to reading and writing>word>compound words go to 2nd grade>language arts> Letter FF "Compound Words" #1-3 (Video on compound words) (Compound word game)

Week 4: (-er video) (-er video) (more on compound words)

Week 5: (suffixes including -ly) (-ly) (synonyms instruction) go to reading and writing>word>synonyms and antonyms go to 2nd grade>language arts> Letter HH "Synonyms and Antonyms" #1&6

Week 6: go to 2nd grade>language arts> Letter HH "Synonyms and Antonyms" #2-5 Antonyms Video go to 2nd grade>language arts> Letter EE "Prefixes and Suffixes" #5

Week 7:

Contractions Video Contractions Instruction

Week 8: XX. Contractions #1 Contractions Instruction (same as week 7)

Week 9: My Video for abbreviations AAA. Abbreviate days of the week & Abbreviate months of the year


Free Play (ABCYA)


Extra: Scholastic