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In Missouri

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JJ Watt TE for Cards tackling Baker Mayfield

JJ Watt DE 99

Captain America (#99) creams Baker Mayfield (#6) from behind and bounces him off the turf. Boing! Boing!

JJ Watt DE 99

But, just to show you what kind of heart Captain America (#99) has, instead of celebrating the sack, he kneels down to help the poor opposing QB! Fan him, Capitan! Dat boy needs some oxygen!

Maxx Williams TE 87

So sad to report Maxx Williams (#87), the TE for the Cards will be OUT for the season after this smash to his right knee during the 49rs game.

I think I just thought of the name of our new Crypto-currency!

Triumph just inspired me ...`Poop-coin`!

Symbol: POOP