Mrs. Ludlow



Both Living Environment and Forensics are lab based courses. Normally, Living Environment is for 9th grade students and fulfills a science regents requirement. Forensics is an elective science course for upper classmen and fulfills the general science requirement.

Pictures from left to right- Key Club and Interact Students volunteering at Camp Chingachgook, students collaborating in Living Environment and our guest speaker Mr. Everton Wagstaffe from the Innocence Project (forensics).

About me

I have been at Glens Falls High School since 2015. I have taught science to students of all ages, including college students and have also taught professional development workshops for other teachers. My degree is in Biology From Union College and I have also taught Physical Science, Environmental Science and the Science of Energy (including alternative forms of energy).

I am also an advisor to Key Club with Mr. Heames.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and exercising outdoors.


twitter: @mludlow3

phone: 792-6564 x 1314

Members of the science department wearing our Earth Day T-shirts


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