GFM GROUP LTD has been incorporated and licensed by the Ministry of Justice since 2011. We focus on providing clients with a professional Investigation Service for the purpose of resolving issues that require a level of investigation. Our business offers a range of services which are delivered by Licensed Private Investigators. Services are provided throughout New Zealand and to clients from other countries around the globe. A proud New Zealand owned business based from the capital city known as Windy Wellington.

Why we are the best Investigation Company

  • We are trained to find EVIDENCE, PEOPLE, ITEMS & INFORMATION
  • We can work to uncover information regarding any type of situation or event
  • We present information into a legal format ready for legal teams to use as evidence
  • We are able to co-ordinate & obtain results from a network of Forensic Specialists
  • We go nationwide or travel overseas to establish facts or gather information
  • We work on behalf of law firms, businesses, international and domestic clients

GFM GROUP LTD applies sound Investigation methodologies, have excellent team work practices and maintain high standards when working any type of Investigation. Private Investigators are licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. They come from backgrounds related to policing, investigation, or security, with the skills and experience required to be successful.

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