Hannah Mitrea

Marketing Apprentice

What is a Marketing Apprentice?

As a Marketing Apprentice you will learn how to be the next best Marketer. Digital Marketing is a trade to be learned, having a formal education at college will not give you all the skills you need to succeed. It will give you theories and teach you how to think, but hands on experience is lacking. As a Marketing Apprentice you will get that hands on experience and learn the skills you need to be a great Marketer.

Stay up to date with what I am learning as a Marketing Apprentice and Marketing Assistant also, see the skills I will have to work with potential partners. I will update frequently with what is going on week to week.

Also if you are interested in being a Partner, interested in learning more about Vyral's core business of connecting with your database, or what to be an apprentice with Vyral one day and have questions send me a message on the contact page.

What I'm Currently Learning

the Most Important advice for Future Apprentices

January 26th ~ Honest disclaimer, this will definitely not be everyone's path. We started with 6 apprentices and are down to 2 of us. The Apprentices that started 6 months before me are just now getting partners, just 4 months in for me and I'll be getting partners.

Being a successful digital marketing takes passion and drive! You truly have to dedicate yourself to learning and be able to overcome obstacles. Don't wait for someone to hold your hand.

Somethings or possibly everything in this world of digital marketing may be new, so what?

You may just watch someone doing the marketing in the beginning. I totally agree that being able to actually do that marketing makes more sense than watching it happen. But it also makes no sense for us to put someone new on an account of a multimillionaire, which leaves you only the option to watch until you have proven yourself.

So go and prove yourself!

Create your own bogus account for literally anything and everything you see us using. Make Facebook ads for xyz funding or create a google ad account for your adorable puppy. Just don't run the ads, you can use a visa gift card with a couple bucks on it to set up the account.

The creation of content is more important at first than anything else. You just need to learn to navigate all the systems. You may still need some guidance, but always being proactive and try it first.

One day there may not be someone above you to tell you how or what to do.

All of this I did without anyone telling me. I created this site, and have an updated site in the pipeline that will replace this next month. I created a Facebook ad account for a business dream. Created ads for it but shut them all off. Set up my Google Ads account.

I spend my night's search for ways to improve my copywriting skills. So I can write the best headlines. Spend my weekends creating complete websites. While I'm waiting in my car I'm searching for the best Facebook ad strategies.

All of these things gave me a 6-month leap ahead of where I should be.

Many people say I am an outlier of my generation. Maybe it's true, but what I did above is what you need to do to succeed.

JANUARY 2018 ~ Month 4

Daily Marketing Training

Life as an Apprentice ~ January 2, 2018 ~ Starting this year we are having daily Marketing Training. Adela meets with us every morning and goes over what she is working on, with the goal of us taking over her work at some point so she can focus on Partner Communication.

I've been taken off calls to focus on our Partner's 100% of my time when I am not doing Apprentice training.

As an Apprentice, I am working on Mike Ferry Training's, which is 3 days worth of audio from one of his events. Mike gets you into a mindset to win! Be open to change and just do what it takes to be the best!

Landing Pages, Marketing Plans, and Videos Oh My...

Life as a Marketing Assistant ~ January 3, 2018 ~ I am now assisting with FIVE partners and the Vyral Marketing Show! Just in the last 5 business days I have:

Created two Landing Pages, one for Aaron H. and another Tim H. I used Unbounce to create both landing pages. Creating a Landing Page is really all about the message, I start with everything in a word document. It really doesn't matter what the landing page looks like if the message sucks.

Also, in Premiere I edited 2 videos for Lock, these videos were the green screen videos I had created a couple months back, I am separating content to make them 2 shorter videos that focus on Result and Features.

I have a love for Premiere! The creation of video has always been a passion and being able to do it and get paid makes it even better! I created an Employee Success video Finance, which I then turned into a Facebook Ad that is already performing and getting results. It's had 44 link clicks in less than a week!

Two Thursdays ago Frank put me in charge of writing the Vyral Marketing Show Article. Episode 31's article is up already, I found how valuable editing is and having as many people as possible proof it. When writing episode 32's article that is exactly what I did, as soon as I had it written I sent it to Adela, Danny, and Sandy to get it proofed before it gets to Frank.

Unbounce isn't the only Landing Page software I got to use this week, I also worked a bit in Wix for Anna K. We were missing out on tracking results because the leads were going to a google form. I created a different form for the landing page to direct to so we could track results.

With the last two weeks being prime holiday seasons, one of our Partners, Dan B. was busy, Instead of just waiting around and doing nothing for him, we were proactive and created Facebook Posts for him to stay in front of his database. We pulled quotes from his book and created images in Adobe Spark.

I also wrote a Marketing Plan, since we are expanding to more Partners, we need to create a plan to refer to so we stay on track as well as the Partners have clear expectations of what they will receive.

This was all in a business week! There is always something new to work on and so much writing that I never expected. Everything you do, the main focus is the message! MESSAGE, MESSAGE, MESSAGE! The only way to get good at it is to PRACTICE!

Marketing Plan...................

Marketing Assistant ~ January 9th ~ Last week I was having college nightmares because I had to make a Marketing Plan for one of our partners. For my first draft, I basically just copied our website, and it SUCKED! I knew it did before I even sent it, I'm not really sure why I even sent it. What I should have done was ask what she was looking for. I had SWOT, the 4 P's, Target Market, the buyer's process, Smart Goals, etc. running through my head. Everything that you learn in school, and thinking shit I don't remember how to do this!

After I sent it though, and it was shot down, in front of everyone. I was able to regroup! Adela gave me an example of what she was looking for, gave me a few more guidelines, and I deleted my first Marketing Plan. This time I did not copy and paste anything. This is so important because every Partner is so different and we need to consider that when making a plan.

I also didn't need to follow some college guideline, because again every Partner is DIFFERENT! The plan needs to be geared towards what they need, you should talk about their target customer to show that you actually know who it is they are going after. Talk about their product, areas they need to enhance, possible ideas for their marketing, examples, and more.

What I struggled with was not becoming "Instagram Girl," you need your plan to be more than just Facebook, and social media. What if Facebook decides to end tomorrow? Yeah unlikely, but what if, have your marketing spread around a bit. Currently, I have worked a lot more with social media than anything else, so I had to challenge myself to go outside of my box.

I probably spent at least two whole days just writing this plan! I was now determined to get it perfect, I didn't like my first try and refused to provide anything less than great this time!

And.... I finished it up and sent it to Adela.

She loved it! I couldn't have been happier! I had put so much work and it paid off, I wish I had just done that the first time, but I was confused and needed a reality check on learning to ask for more direction at times.. not always, testing and failing is a great learning experience, and you need to be able to handle most situations without someone holding your hand... but for such a large project some guidance was needed.

Something at Vyral you will learn is the value of what you are working on, and creating a marketing plan I feel like this was higher paid work and required more time, detail, and focus than creating a video takes.

Facebook Ads!

Marketing Assistant ~ January 18th ~ This week has been much more than just Facebook ads. I keep all my tasks on Post-It notes. So when I collected them all from Friday and Monday to go over I had about 7 completely different things that I had worked on! Though, the reason that Facebook Ads are the main thing on my mind is, I made 46 Facebook Ads since Friday! That is in 4 days!

Not all of the ads are 100% different, but they all have a little different zing to them. Whether they are in a different ad set, or in an A/B split test.

Here are a handful of the Ads I worked on this week.

I have one Ad with an 8 relevancy score!! If you haven't worked with Facebook Ads yet, the relevancy is exactly how it sounds. If the Ad is relevant to the target market and they are engaging with it, it will have a higher score. Sometimes when you are targeting your cold audience the market is so broad that it is hard to get a high relevancy score. Which is why this 8 score was even better, it was to a cold audience!

This Ad has also produced the most leads so far, throughout all the audiences it is going to.

Some Facebook tip I learned this week are for Lead Form Ads and adding Emojis to Facebook Ads.

      • When creating a Lead Form – go to settings and add allowing sharing before you finish the ad. You cannot edit lead forms, once they are done, they are done! (The reason that it defaults off is if you want to measure only the target audience and not receive organic results)
      • Ads with Emojis - Send the Emojis one at a time in Facebook Messenger and then copy the ones you need. One at a time into the ad.

At first, I was a bit skeptical of adding Emojis. It was what the Partner wanted though so, I added them. After figuring out how to add them, I think they look great! I also did some research on how Emojis perform in ads. It turns out they get a better response because they are currently how people communicate. You must stay relevant if you want to connect with your market. Emojis are just one of the ways you can keep up with the times and connect better with your market.

Internet down

Marketing Assistant ~ January 26th ~ On Wednesday my internet went DOWN. At the worst possible moment, 2 mins before my first 1 on 1 with Adela. However, that is something you have to over some when working from home.

My phone still had internet, so I made it work. I did my 1 on 1 from my phone, not ideal but it worked. Also since I start my day earlier I had already put in 5 hours by noon so didn't have a lot left. I was really lucky though because what I was working on was video editing and I already had all my video content downloaded!

Without the internet, I really got to work without any distraction and got all my video editing complete.

This week has been both exciting and routine. With Vyral we are an ever-evolving "department" per say and a lot of exciting things are happening. We are only just now completing our 4th month and we are looking at me taking partners!

Other than creating new videos, a lot of this week was just spent tweaking campaigns and putting the finishing touches on landing pages and websites.

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