Local Authors

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We love local authors! Come on in and check out our selection. We currently stock titles from the following local authors:

Betsy Foster Breault

Colleen Crowlie

Cappy Love Hanson

Maureen Harris

Rhonda & Dwight Hull

B.J. Kurtz

Ross B. Lampert

Drew Lee

T.J. Lehr

Mike Ligon

Kevin MacBeth

Geoff MacLeod

Suzanne M. Malpass

Laura Jones Martinez (Illustrator)

Richard Mills

Burke Richardson (Illustrator)

John D. Rose

Dianna Satterlee

Debrah Strait

Brett E. Thomas

Betsy Thornton

We also carry a variety of books about local and Arizona history, including the Cochise County Historical Journal. You will also find many new and used selections by local favorite J.A. Jance!

Are you a local author? We would love to display your work in our store. Contact us.