The Bitcoin Times was created to cut through all the bulls#*% you may have read or heard about Bitcoin…(there’s lots of it). It’s not about “blockchain”, nor is it about “crypto”. It’s about what matters: Bitcoin.

What started off as a solution to me writing too much content for a talk I was giving in early 2019, ie; a 30min talk blew out to probably 4hrs of content, has now turned into a publication with a mission.

That mission is to produce rare, timeless Bitcoin content from the best minds in and around Bitcoin.

Alot of time & energy has been spent distilling a broadly complex concept into something digestible, so that more people know what the real innovation in this space is.

We’ll be publishing 1 - 2 of these per year. It’s 100% free thanks to the time & effort of the writers, along with some assistance from the team at Amber.

We hope you enjoy it, and if you agree that more people should hear about it; feel free to share it around, follow each of the contributors, and follow us on Twitter @TimelessBitcoin.

Aleks Svetski

The Bitcoin Times

Edition 1

The first editon is a set of long form essays by Aleks Svetski, covering a broad array of topics, including:

  • Why blockchain doesn't work and is at best hype, or at worst, a fraudulent idea.

  • Blockchain's broken promise, and why Bitcoin is the real innovation

  • Immutability is a Service (Iaas)

  • The Bitcoin Operating System (BoS)

  • Bitcoin & The Internet: A Comparison

  • Networks & How they function

  • Lightning: What is it, what's its potential?

  • Money as the fabric of society.

The original talk, that inspired the Bitcoin Times, and which covers the above is also available on YouTube:

Blockchain is Dead

Download your free copy below.

Edition 2

The Bitcoin Times Ed 2 is the first of it's kind as a collaborative work of 8 writers & 1 designer, along with being the final edition of not only this year, but this decade.

It's full of broad, long form essays from the likes of Rory Highside, Nic Carter, Aleks Svetski, Robert Breedlove, Dan Held, Connor Brown, Gigi & Hass McCook, wrapped up in a magnificent design by Chantelle de la Rey.

The topics covered are not only economic & technical in nature, but as you'll note by the image of the front cover, there is a strong Personal Sovereignty theme throughout.

It's our most important work to date, and a we hope you enjoy it, and continue to follow and support all the contributors.

Download your free copy below.

Edition 3

The Bitcoin Times Ed 3 will forever be known as "The 2020 Edition".

Whilst Ed 2 was a monumental undertaking and almost prophetic in nature, this edition is unique in that it's released against the backdrop of a world gone completely mad.

2020 will forever draw a line in the sand for humanity. What unfolds in the coming decade, nobody can know but the contributors have each put forth their wisdom in an attempt to better understand.

Giacomo Zucco, Jimmy Song, Parker Lewis, Erik Cason, Jeff Booth and Aleksandar Svetski come together in a tour-de-force of content across almost 70 pages.

We hope you enjoy it, and continue to follow and support all the contributors.

Download your free copy below.

Edition 4

The Bitcoin Times Ed 4, realeased on NYE of 2021 is a message of hope for a future that we have the power to create and one we can be proud to hand down to our kin.

It's full of a new set of incredible long form essays, including a partial fiction from Peter St Onge and a beautiful story by Tomer Strolight.

It also includes two of the most minblowing works of big-brained Bitcoin art by Aleks Svetski (Fire, Bitcoin, Teleportation) & Brandon Quittem (The Pioneer Species). Allen Farrington and Craig Warmke deliver their own philosophical treatises on the separation of money state, and the question of Bitcoin or no Bitcoin.

Finally, Alex McShane writes the foreword for what is once again an incredibly profound collection of timeless Bitcoin works.

We hope you enjoy it, and continue to follow and support all the contributors.

Download your free copy below.


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Seriously though.

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The only question is whether we do 2,100 or 21,000 ?


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Looking ahead

We’ll be releasing 1 - 2 editions of The Bitcoin Times yearly.

In the coming editions, we’ll continue to collaborate with the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin to deliver more timeless bitcoin content, that you and everyone you care about can refer to, forever.

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