Healthy Germantown is excited to present Walk Across Tennessee, a team-based fitness program encouraging team members to cumulatively move the equivalent of the length of Tennessee (about 500 miles) or more. This program has been presented in communities across Tennessee for 20 years, but this will be the first in Shelby County. This year, Healthy Germantown is coordinating three different competitions: citizens, school classrooms and City of Germantown Employees. If you would like to track numbers specific to your organization, ask your captains to include your organization name on the team registration form.

How it works:

  • five-week event - October 1 to November 4
  • five members per team, each team with their own captain
  • Total team mileage logged weekly (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Goal: Each team should log at least 500 miles in five weeks; team with the most miles wins
  • Miles can be walked or converted from other activities (ex: 15 minutes bicycling = one mile). See conversion chart on the "Totals" tab for details. If converting from steps, 2000 steps = 1 mile.
  • Each team that reaches at least 100 miles in a week will be entered into a prize raffle. Each team is eligible for up to five raffle tickets.

Getting started:

  • Gather your family or friends at work, neighbors, club members - encourage them to form multiple teams to compete against each other
  • Each team captain must complete a team registration form, and each of the 5 team members (including the captain) must complete an individual registration form.
  • Captains gather individual mileage totals and submit team totals each week
  • There is no charge for participation

Upcoming Events for counting steps/logging miles:

  • October 1 - Edwin’s Way 5K (Greenway)
  • October 3 - Germantown Night Out (Neighborhoods)
  • October 4 - Bike/Walk to School Day
  • October 14 - Night Rider (Farmington Park) - rescheduled from 10/7
  • October 14 - Family Fall Day (Germantown Plaza)
  • October 22 - Fall Harvest Festival (Farm Park)
  • October 27 - Festival of Fun & Fright (Bob Hailey Athletic Complex)
  • November 2 - Senior Expo (GPAC)
  • November 4 - Home Run 5K (GHS baseball stadium)
  • November 4 - Oktoberfest (Civic Club Complex)

Donations/Sponsorship options:

  • Funding for T-shirts, kick-off event, prizes
  • Donations of awards/top team prizes (in multiples of 5 for each team member)

For more information:

Thanks to our prize sponsors:

City of Germantown, Germantown Athletic Club, Germantown Performing Arts Center, Breakaway Running, Gail's Pizza Parties, The Pasta Maker, Walgreens, Whole Foods

Sponsored by Shelby County Extension

Programs in agriculture and natural resources, 4-H youth development, family and consumer sciences, and resource development.

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture and county governments cooperating.

UT Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.