Hotel Hell Spain

Opener for Hotel Hell Spain where I lead a team of four designers. My tasks included Look Dev, 3D modelling, Particles, Pre comping and Post production supervision. The piece was directed and supervised by IƱaki Gil. Concept by Lucia Valdivieso at LaLivingston


Museum Showcase

I modelled and rendered this piece for a holographic showcase in the museum. Clothes done in simulation and faces modelled from photos using speed modelling technique.

Animation done for another showcase in the museum, depicting the historical moment when both emirates agreed to unify.


Veranos de la Villa

I was lucky enough to participate in this beautiful video where I did on-set supervision and post production, mainly cleaning plates, stabilizing and grading.

Some fun during the post production of the video! I loved this ending which was finally discarded.


Courvoisier, CDG Airport, Paris

Fun to get back into actually designing stuff and a great pleasure to be able to express it through a nice image. Pop up shop for Courvoisier at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Creative brief and moodboards based on the 1889 Exposition Universelle by Fusako Akimoto