I am currently a non-traditional student
studying Information Technology at
Georgia Southern University.

Iceland photograph by Rudolf Kirchner

Welcome to My Corner of the Web!

Originally from Ohio, I grew up in South Carolina and then moved to Georgia as an adult. While I have an Associate's Degree in Computer Information Systems from Kaplan University (now Purdue University Global), I'm working on my Bachelor's in Information Technology at Georgia Southern.

After my last position as a Senior Functional Developer was outsourced offshore, I've been quite busy doing consulting while attending Georgia Southern as a non-traditional student. Most of my consulting is training users on Microsoft Office products and sometimes helping restore lost data on laptops.

When I'm not doing school work or consulting, you can find me working outside in the garden or doing landscaping. I also enjoy a good movie at the theater or a TV show at home. I want to start travelling again with my next destination being Iceland.