Engineering Design Challenge (EDC)2022

Armstrong Campus - Georgia Southern: Eagle-3D!

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The Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University is proud to present EDC 2022: Eagle-3D

Eagle-3D is a novel engineering design competition to develop the engineering design capacity, infrastructure, and technical knowledge of high school teachers and students. Eagle-3D will provide high school teams with a 3D printer kit, associated supplies, software resources and training to facilitate more engaging Engineering Design Challenge (EDC) Competitions in the future. Eagle-3D will culminate with a reverse-engineering challenge.

The challenge will run from Jan - April 2022.

Each Eagle-3D team will:

  • Assemble their provided 3D printer

  • Learn how to create CAD models and create physical models using their assembled 3D printer

  • Select a device to dissect and measure (reverse engineer the device)

  • Create CAD models of the parts and 3D print the parts of the device

  • Create a video presentation and (depending on COVID19 protocols) give an in person presentation

Each team will be comprised of:

  • 4-7 high school student members

  • One advisor from the school’s teaching staff

  • A Georgia Southern engineering student Project Coach

A limited number of competition teams will be accepted for EDC 2022. Completion of this RSVP Form is the first step to apply for participation in EDC 2022. Full applications will be available by December 6, 2021 from the EDC website:



EDC Application: Due Jan 12, 2022

The student release form is here: