Learner Profile Power-Ups

What are Learner Profile Power-Ups?

Learner Profile Power-Ups are digital badges which GISD teachers can earn for applying their professional learning in their classrooms. Whether it's a new instructional approach you learned during a GISD professional learning session or a digital tool you are using with your students, these badges will give students, parents, and colleagues a peek into your growth and professional practice.

Earning a badge is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Use a new instructional approach in your classroom.

2. Upload documentation of use with your students and reflect on your growth in an Eduphoria Strive eCourse. (Bonus: Your TTESS evaluator can see the badges you have earned in Strive!)

3. Receive your badge and proudly display it outside of your classroom door!

How to Earn a Badge

Instructions for enrolling in an Eduphoria Strive eCourse and uploading your evidence and reflection can be found here: How to Earn A Badge.

The Professional Learning and Digital Learning teams can't wait to see all of the great things our GISD teachers will submit as they earn their badges!