Technical Theater I

Technical Theater 1 is an introductory course where students are introduced to a variety of aspects of technical theater.

Students will be expected to learn to safely operate a variety of powertools, traditional theatrical construction techniques, the basics of stage lighting, sound reinforcement, elements of design, fundamentals of costume design, basic stage makeup concepts, parts of different types of stages, script analysis, scenic painting, and stage management. It is very much a "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" situation. I expect them to be solid in the basics, but master nothing. this course is just to provide them exposure to a variety of skills and fields they may want to pursue later.

Students are expected to get dirty- sawing, painting, cleaning- being actively involved is a necessity to learn.

Students are expected to read! I understand students are attracted to technical theater as a diversion from "academic" work- but they need to understand that all aspects of theater, from acting, to directing to carpentry to costuming - starts with the script. They need to enter expecting to read.

I am very proud that my student have a variety of opportunities once graduated from high school. Many go on to pursue theatre in college. Many are able to find work as a stage tech right out of school. Most realize that it doesn't matter what you choice is, you still need to know how to sweep, mop, sew, tighten a bolt, or build a fence. These skills are applicable to life.

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