Alif Saleh

CEO, Scipher Medicine, BOSTON, MA, USA

A global business leader and entrepreneur at heart, Alif draws from his scientific background in systems biology, network theory, and engineering at Scipher. Alif has successfully led cross-disciplinary teams in technology and business across Asia, Europe and the Americas – raising over $225 million in venture and private equity capital. Previously with BCI (acquired 2000), Alfa Laval (IPO 2002), and Myriant (acquired 2014), Alif received his MSc degree in Chemical and Genetic Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.


Day 2: September 12, 2019 | 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Applying Network Medicine to Change the Way Patients With Autoimmune Diseases Are Treated

Alif Saleh, MS, CEO, Scipher Medicine, Boston, MA, USA

Autoimmune diseases are chronic with debilitating effects for patients, yet most of the targeted treatments have low response rates, exposing patients to potential irreversible disease progression. Scipher Medicine utilizes network medicine-based approaches to develop predictive response tests that evaluate gene expression signatures to identify non-responders to these treatments. By further investigating this population of patients with network medicine, we can research novel targets with the appropriate patient sub-group within the disease. Clinical implementation of this approach could provide patients access to the targeted therapies that are most likely to deliver the most benefit, thereby resulting in higher drug response rates and faster achievement of disease improvement.