Opioids: Conflicts & Controversies

June 13-14, 2019

Georgetown University Medical Center

Washington, DC

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Welcome to the 2019 PharmedOUT Conference, Opioids: Conflicts & Controversies. This conference is co-hosted by PharmedOUT, a project of Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) and MedStar Health, Georgetown's clinical partner. This conference will bring together nationally and internationally recognized experts in medicine, nursing, law, pharmacology, and sociology in a unique interdisciplinary conference aimed at fostering collaboration across professions to help address opioid overprescribing.


Although opioid prescribing has decreased, it remains too high. Many issues have received scant attention from the medical profession.

  • Is rapid tapering of opioids a good idea?
  • What are effective non-opioid treatments?
  • How are opioids currently marketed?
  • Are nurses targeted differently than physicians for opioid marketing?
  • Does opioid promotion differ in different countries?
  • How does race affect perceptions of the opioid epidemic?
  • How are pregnant women and babies affected by current practices regarding opioids?

CME, CE, and CPE Credits are available.

This conference would not be possible without our sponsors and individual donors who help support our work. Thank you!

2019 Conference Speaker List

Sameer Awsare MD

Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Raymond Dionne DDS PhD

Professor, East Carolina University

Gail Groves Scott MPH

University of the Sciences Philadelphia, Former Oxycontin Representative

Barbara Mintzes PhD

Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy

Andrew Kolodny MD

Co-Director, Opioid Policy Research, Brandeis University

Michael J. Oldani PhD

Associate Professor, Concordia University Wisconsin

Carl Elliott MD PhD

Professor, Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota

Julie "Jules" Netherland PhD

Director of the Office of Academic Engagement for the Drug Policy Alliance

Lynn M. Paltrow JD

Executive Director, National Advocates for Pregnant Women

Chris Spevak MD MPH JD

Director, National Capital Region’s Opioid Safety Program

Joel Lexchin MD

Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Anna Lembke MD

Director of Addiction Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine