Maya L. Barzilai

[ˈmɑ.jə ˈbɑɹ.zɨ.ˌlɑ͡ɪ] / ['ma.ja ˌbaʁ.zi.'la͡i]

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in Linguistics at Georgetown University. I obtained a Master of Science in Linguistics Georgetown University in 2017, and graduated from Middlebury College as an Independent Scholar of Linguistics in 2013.

My research centers around phonology and its interfaces with phonetics and morphology. In my dissertation, I use psycholinguistic experiments to investigate the relative effects of phonetic and phonological salience on speech sound processing. In other work, including fieldwork with speakers of Nobiin (Nilo-Saharan; Egypt, Sudan) living in the DC area, I investigate the interactions between phonological processes and morphological structures, and ask whether our current theories of morphophonology can adequately capture the phenomena at play in this language.

In general, I'm interested in experimental and typological data that can help us determine how much information about phonetics and morphology should be included in phonological theory.