George Spencer Academy aims to support all our young people to move into a positive and sustained destination from school through our carefully constructed and continually adaptive “Growth Curriculum” model. In order to ensure success, we strive to raise the awareness (for pupils, parents and staff) of the options and many different learning pathways that are available for young people.

It is important to view the curriculum as a journey, working towards a portfolio of qualifications and skills rather than a single year-on-year experience. We already have a track record of success in planning engaging pathways leading to positive destinations, but we now want to build on this and ensure all our young people are sufficiently prepared to move onto a job, training opportunity, college course or university place when they leave us.

At GSA we are also a big believer in a 'back up plan'! Young people need to have parallel plans; plan A, B, C, etc. and keep their options open. A student’s portfolio needs to also be more than just academic qualifications. It needs to contain the necessary skills and attributes developed through meaningful experiences both within and outside of school that can be transferred into employment.

This website highlights the pathways taken by some of our pupils and gives information about all of the subjects which are available to young people at George Spencer Academy. You will see some of the experiences of our current and former pupils to help you visualise the potential of what our curriculum delivers in terms of opportunities for our young people. We place equal emphasis on academic qualifications as well as wider achievements and the acquisition of a first-class skill set but never rest on our laurels.

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