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Genoa Area Local Schools takes the health and safety of our students and community very seriously. As the United States and Ohio health officials continue to address the spread of COVID-19 infection, we are monitoring the situation in collaboration with our county and state governmental partners. Any official updates regarding Genoa Area Local Schools' response will be found on this site.

Comets shine, shimmer and soar


Genoa Area Kiwanis has decided to postpone our annual Easter Egg Hunt originally scheduled for early April. We are hoping that we'll be able to host the event once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.



Amplex Wifi: anyone in need of a free wifi connection can park in the high school student parking lot, no password necessary


10 Tips for Establishing Learning Routines at Home

  1. Establish a routine! Kids need and thrive on routines. Here are a few examples: Sample schedule or Sample schedule or Sample schedule

  2. If possible, create a quiet, simple working/reading space for your child to complete school work.

  3. Alternate work time and play time sessions. Sitting too long can be difficult for anyone.

  4. Include reading time!...Books, magazines, audio books, newspapers, etc.

  5. Consider including a journal time. Any notebook will do. Kids can choose their own topic to write/draw about or a prompt can be provided. Writing down moments of gratitude is another easy topic to include each day. Save the journal and be able to look back on these memories years from now.

  6. Include “on your own time” or “learn something new time”. Kids respond well to independent options and choices.

  7. Include outside time or exercise time.

  8. Include age appropriate chores.

  9. Consider allowing kids to help with cooking.

  10. Celebrate successes. Allow kids opportunities to earn rewards like “stay up late” or “sleep in”.

General Information on Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

How to be prepared

Learn what you can about COVID-19 and its symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control.

COVID 19 Informational Hotline:

The Ohio Department of Health has opened an informational hotline specifically for any Coronavirus concerns. Please give them a call at

Disinfect and practice proper hygiene

If you have sanitation items such as wipes and antimicrobial liquids, gather them, as well as home health items such as thermometers.

Get into the habit of washing your hands thoroughly and consistently after bathroom breaks or contact with high-touch items such as doorknobs. Avoid close contact with any people showing signs of respiratory illness; maintain at least a 6-foot distance.


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