Track Your Success

An Engagement Tool

These quizzes are a simple and dynamic/interactive way to begin to learn about your project’s and/or organization’s approach to community engagement in clinical research and how it aligns with established principles and promising best practices. Each quiz can be taken by any involved team members and project stakeholders to provide customized feedback—based on their unique perspective—on engagement performance and progress.

This tool looks at four different aspects of engagement. Click each of the links below to access the quiz related to each domain.

How to Use This Tool:

This tool can be applied in several different ways. Project leadership may want to utilize this quiz as a quick engagement check, providing a fast way to identify areas of success and improvement as they develop engagement strategies.

It can also be used as a team exercise. Different members of the team may score differently based on their roles and perspectives on the project. Individual completion of the quiz followed by a group review of the results will allow teams to engage in honest and critical discussions about their engagement leadership, activities and style.

Your scores are likely to change over time depending on how clearly focused a team becomes on engagement. We recommend a quarterly use of Track Your Success to monitor progress and facilitate constructive conversations about the quality and approach of your engagement activities.

I took the quiz, what now?

Congratulations! You made it through the engagement quizzes! Now that you have an idea of where your skills lie and where you might need some improvement, here are some resources that can help you move forward on your engagement pathway:

  • The Genetic Alliance Engagement Assessment Tool: Assess your engagement activities on a more granular level. Use this tool to help you flesh out programs and indicators.
  • Elements of Engagement: Use this one-page document, based on peer-reviewed engagement literature, to help wrap your head around the core elements of an engaged research project.
  • PEER: Use the Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly to help you collect useful data directly from individuals in a way that is easy and relevant for them.

For further assistance on engagement or to explore available engagement services, contact Genetic Alliance.