GM KidMin COVID-19 Handbook

Volunteer Arrival and Screening

GMKids and Zone volunteers will arrive for the 8:55am Volunteer Huddle in the GM Commons.

A temperature check will be required before volunteers walk in to the GMK and Zone areas.

GM KidMin Check-In

Our Check-In team will help families have a contactless Check-In experience.

Check-in for our current families will be located at the Next Gen Wall with kiosks. A Check-In team member will be stationed at a kiosk and will ask for the family's name, then enter all the information needed.

Once the tag has been printed, the parent will take the tag off the printer.

Drop Off

KidMin Hosts will be stationed at the drop off location in front of rooms to receive children. To minimize the spread of germs, toys, food and drink, and any extra items will not be allowed in KidMin rooms (bibles are an exception). Before entering the classroom, each child's hands will be sanitized.


Drop off location: The double doors of the respective classrooms (Babies, Toddlers, PreK3, PreK4)

Attendance will be taken upon arrival. Once dropped off, GMKids will sanitize their hands and will head straight into their classroom. Diaper bags will be allowed, but they will be stored OUTSIDE the Nursery/Toddler rooms. We will have all necessary items including diapers and wipes.

The Zone

Drop off location: Bottom of the stairs

Attendance will be taken upon arrival. Once dropped off, Zoners will sanitize their hands and will be allowed to head up the stairs to their respective classrooms. Parents will be asked not to accompany their children up the stairs.

Pick Up

One parent will come up to a KidMin Host at the same location as drop off. The Host will call the name of the child. The KidMin host will match the parent and child tags, in which the parent will remove the child's tag.

Children Exhibiting Symptoms

In the event that a child arrives showing visible COVID-19 symptoms, they will kindly be asked not to attend GMKids or The Zone that day. They will be given a gift bag to enjoy while they attend service with their parents. The KidMin Host stationed at drop off will write their name down so we may follow up with them after Sunday.

COVID-19 Positive Test Procedures

In the event of a CONFIRMED positive COVID-19 case in a classroom, an email notification will be sent out to all parents of children who were in attendance, an extra cleaning will take place for the affected rooms (including toys and all hard surfaces), and families will be asked to follow the recommendations of their doctor before returning to GM KidMin.

Sanitation Procedures


All toys, hard surfaces, and door handles will be wiped down before, during, and after services in addition to our normal cleaning procedures.

There will be a 2 step sanitation process

  • Bucket system for toys that can be submerged- 1 with a bleach water mix and 1 rinse water.

  • Spray system for larger toys- 1 spray bottle with a bleach water mix and 1 rinse water spray bottle.

  • Leave for 5 minutes per step then air dry.

Volunteers will sanitize hands before handing out any items to GMKids.

Each child will have their own bag full of craft supplies labeled with the child's name.

The Zone

All used activities and surfaces will be sanitized before, during, and after each use AND each service. This includes touched surfaces in the media booths.

Sanitation Process:

  • All activities (air hockey, foosball, checkers, Connect 4, basketball, etc.) will be sanitized using the spray bottle after EVERY use

  • Mics, keyboards, and each computer mouse will be sanitized using the spray bottle solution (Please DO NOT spray directly onto equipment, spray onto paper towel first)

Volunteers will sanitize hands before handing out any items to Zoners.