Resource SHARING

A space for district leaders to share Action Civics tools, templates, lessons, professional development frameworks, and more using the Document Box.

How to use the DOCUMENT BOX below

Please download whatever resources you think might be useful to to you and upload any documents, or links, that you think others might find useful to the appropriate folder (or create your own!).

  • To see and download files: Click on the name of the folder, this will open Google Docs. From there, if you click on a document, you will be able to see it. Once you've clicked on the file, click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of the page to download it
  • To upload files: Click on the folder that best fits the document you want to share, this will open Google Docs. From there, click "New" on the upper left hand corner and click "File Upload." When you add files please include a description.