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Ask questions, share ideas, and have group brainstorms with peers working with civics in districts across the country.

How to use the CHAT BOX

  • To read posts: Scroll through the list of messages in the CHAT BOX and click on the one you want to read, or use the search box to find a specific keyword or topic
  • To join group (necessary to respond to messages and post new topics): Click "Join group to post" at the top of the CHAT BOX
  • To respond to posts: Click on the message you want to reply to, click in the box that says, "Click here to Reply," or click "Post Reply" type your response and click, "Post"
  • To create a new topic: Click "New Topic" on the upper left hand corner of the CHAT BOX, fill in your subject and message and click "Post" on the upper left hand corner
  • To open in a new tab: Click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the CHAT BOX