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November 28, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have had two busy weeks in the high school with Thanksgiving celebrations, School of Rock, La Perle performances and National Day festivities. Our students continue to show us their commitment to the Culture of Kindness here at DAA as evidenced by the students fundraising and coordinating personalized gift bags which were presented to the workers during our annual Thanksgiving lunch. Additionally, our students are currently engaged in the Meaford Charity project, which is collecting toys and warm clothes for refugees.

We wish you a restful long weekend and hope you enjoy Thanksgiving if you do celebrate and a happy National day.

Kind Regards,

Tammy Jochinke

High School Principal

School of Rock

It’s a wrap! School of Rock bowed out last night with a fantastic final show.

10 Weeks of practices, 39 cast, 45 crew, 4 shows and close to 900 tickets were sold. On behalf of the entire DAA community, we would like to thank all students, parents and staff who purchased a ticket and supported the students. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Thank you to the following staff members who worked tirelessly to make the show an amazing success:

Dr. Seidel, Miss Acheson, Miss Mackey, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Porterfield, Mr. Mack, Mr. Smit, Miss Ambrosio, Mr. Rajagopal, Miss Robertson, Miss Everstein and Mr. Last as well as any other staff who came and helped with ticket collection and sales.

IB/ AP REgistration


CAS - January 8th - Upcoming Due Dates for CAS

There are CAS requirements listed below for all grades that are due on January 8th. You can see all the requirements at the CORE webpage.

Log everything onto your CAS portfolio at http://daa.managebac.com

9th and 10th Grade:

By January 8th

  • 9th Grade needs 8 hours of Service documented with a reflection in Managebac (BE, AE, ME, EE)
  • 10th Grade needs 8 Hours of Service documented with a reflection in Managebac (BE, AE, ME, EE)

11th and 12th Grade High School Diploma:

By January 8th of 11th year (BE, AE, ME)

  • 8 Hours of Service documented in Managebac
  • 1 Reflection per experience

By January 8th of 12th year (BE, AE, ME)

  • 23 Hours of Service documented in Managebac
  • 1 Reflection per experience

11th IB Diploma

Due on January 8th of your 11th Grade (BE,AE, ME)

12th IB Diploma:

Due on January 8th of your 12th Grade (BE,AE, ME)

    • Aims and Goals Complete.
    • Two formal interviews complete.
    • Start EIGHT experiences and record your two reflections and evidence in Managebac for each
    • Complete FOUR reflections and evidence for your CAS Project in Managebac
    • Make a copy of the CAS CHECKLIST and store in your TOK Google Classroom. Start filling it out as per the model.

If you have questions, please contact me at thomas.buteau@gemsdaa.net

Grade 10 Outdoor Education Trip to Switzerland

There will be an exciting Outdoor Education Trip to Switzerland in June which is open to all Grade 10 students. Students will enjoy five adventure-packed days of skiing, rafting, trekking, mountain biking, high ropes courses, mountain carting and more in beautiful Zermatt! Online signup using the link below is now open and will remain open until Thursday November 28. Details for payment will be emailed to parents and the first installment should be paid by December 4.


Innovation Spotlight

Students in the Artificial Intelligence Class visited the Center of Excellence and got an introduction to some of the ways the High School can use the specialized technologies in a variety of classes. More exciting news to come as everything is setup for our students & teachers.

High Schoolers were invited to Noon the Online Shopping company in connection to GEMS X to find ways of optimizing their ecommerce process and make suggestions on how to become more sustainable. 19 Students signed up to attend during Parent Teacher Conferences and learned about their business model and witnessed the behind the scenes look at how a purchase is made, processed, packed and delivered.

DAA Students have been invited to the Young Citymakers Championship where they will look at existing Dubai Government Services and imagine ways to improve. As they brainstorm the needs of the Dubai Community, ideas on future government services and solutions using apps, robotics and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the technologies that students are using for their official submissions.


Copy of 11.27 SPOTS HS Counseling.pdf


PowerSchool is our student information management system which houses grades and marks for middle and high school.

If you have not yet received an email with your child's Access ID and Password for your PowerSchool account, or if you are having any difficulty logging in, please email psparenthelp@gemsdaa.net.


HS Attendance Secretary

Roma Agtarap / 04 704 9747 / r.agtarap_daa@gemsedu.com

HS Secretary to Principals

Nashmia Saleem/ 04 704 9723 / n.saleem1_daa@gemsedu.com

HS Secretary to Counselors

Jan Evans/04 704 9831 / j.evans_daa@gemsedu.com