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Welcome to GEMS Dubai American Academy's home for Summer Learning. Students who are transitioning from Grade 8 to Grade 9 will not only find tailer resources from Core subjects in English, Math and Science but also resources surrounding how to make the successful transition into high school. Those students transitioning from Grade 9 to Grade 10, and from Grade 10 to Grade 11, will find tailored resources and Summer Learning guidance and recommendations from Core subjects in English, Math, and Science. Those students transitioning from Grade 11 into Grade 12 will find resources on the Extended Essay, TOK, and CAS as well as a link to University Application information.

Students are asked to access this information and fulfill their course assignments during the period of Summer Learning . Completing the Summer Learning will give our students a distinct advantage when our next academic year begins.

Summer Learning supports our students as they learn and develop self-management skills, time-managements skills as well as independence and confidence.

Click the video on the left if you are new to the DAA family or missed our Summer Learning overview sessions during the academic year.

British Council IELTS (International English Language Testing System) video.

DAA HS Program of Studies can be found here.

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