Raptor Report

November 18, 2021

FROM OUR Head of School

Hello Again Amazing GAAQ Raptor Parents:

Once again, thank you for reading this week's edition of the Raptor Report. I will keep this written message short today as we tried something different this week; we made a video message to thank all of our parents for their constant and continued support.

You have heard me say many times that you are our best ambassadors and we are so thankful for the positive reputation you have helped us gain in Qatar. Just this morning, I met another new parent and he was telling me that his children were in another school much closer to their home, but he felt they needed to change for several reasons. For nearly one year, he said that he did his research and he kept hearing what a great school GAAQ was. So, he decided the drive might be worth it. Since his kids have enrolled, he has not regretted the decision to switch to GEMS American Academy Qatar; he is proud of our school home for his three children.

So, I would like to extend a very big "thank you" to all of our proud parent ambassadors out there! I hope you have a chance to view the video and I also hope that you find this week's Raptor Report informative and helpful.

Go Raptors!

Mark Lentz

The Head of School/CEO

GEMS Education Qatar Country Lead



Per MOE and MOPH guidelines, any unvaccinated students 12 years and older must receive a weekly rapid antigen test and provide these negative test results each week. Unvaccinated students 12 years old and above will need to do the weekly test until they receive their second dose. Per guidelines, failure to provide weekly negative test results mean that your child cannot attend school.

For any unvaccinated student that is 12 years and older, it is encouraged to have rapid antigen test completed Thursday evening, Friday or Saturday each week. Please scan and email your completed rapid antigen test to our School Nurses -

For now, the rapid antigen test is not taken on our campus. Instead, you can find a list of rapid antigen test centers using the following link:

Please note that the rapid antigen test will be at your own expense; the school is not responsible to pay for this test on your behalf.

For any additional questions, please email our School Nurses at

REMinder - Parent lanyards

As a friendly reminder, please wear your yellow lanyard to enter the campus. This is required as part of the safeguarding procedures of our school.

If you do not have a yellow lanyard, please contact our receptionists at


Lower School NEWS

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Upper School NEWS

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grade 12 students - register on the gems alumni app!

Below, please read the message from our Dean of Student Life & Upper School Science Teacher, Muna Ali.

Dear Seniors,

Please register for the GEMS Alumni App! Joining this application will provide you with opportunities to connect with other GEMS alumni from around the world and allow us to stay connected to you even after graduation. You will need to have your GEMS ID available during registration; you can find this on the GEMS portal website or retrieve it from your Grade Level Reps.

How can a GAAQ Senior join the GEMS Alumni App? Well, it's three easy steps:

  1. Download the GEMS Alumni App on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

  2. Sign-up and fill out your information.

  3. Log-in using the username and password that you would have received from us via email.

For more information, please contact Ms. Muna at or your Grade Level Reps for more information.

school nurses letter - infection control procedures for parents

Dear GAAQ Parents,

Please click here to read an essential letter from our School Nurses. This letter will contain important information and details about Infection Control Procedures of GAAQ.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about these procedures or our COVID protocol, please feel free to contact our School Nurses at or call 4032 9002.

parent timings to enter the school building

Dear GAAQ Parents:

We are so sorry that, per MOE regulations, parents are still not allowed in the building during student arrivals and dismissal times.

Sundays - Wednesdays

Parents may enter the building from 7:45 AM - 1:00 PM & anytime from 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM.


Parents may enter the building from 7:45 AM - 12:45 PM & anytime from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM.


Earn back up to 100% of your child's annual tuition fee!

As a friendly reminder, please take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend Program.

How Does It Work? Introduce a new family or friend to the GEMS American Academy community and earn back a minimum of 4% and up to 100% of your child's annual tuition fee redeemable against school fees (if the referred student is successfully enrolled and starts in our school).

Once the referred student passes his/her assessment, please let the family know to write down your name on the registration form (at the question that asks "Who referred you to the school?").

There is no limit to the amount of students you can refer! This program has been a BIG success and we want to make sure all of our families know about the opportunity.

For more information, please contact

What's Happening Next Week at GAAQ?

Week of novemBER 21 - novemBER 25, 2021

Sunday - November 21, 2021

Monday - November 22, 2021

  • [EVENT] SOCCER: Grade 12 Students v. Teachers

Tuesday - November 23, 2021

  • [EVENT] VOLLEYBALL: Grade 12 Students v. Teachers

Wednesday - November 24, 2021

  • [EVENT] BASKETBALL: Grade 12 Students v. Teachers

Thursday - November 25, 2021


American thanksgiving

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Please note that GAAQ is closed on Thursday, 25 November 2021 in observance of the American Thanksgiving holiday.


parent teacher conferences (PTC)


DATE: 5 - 9 December 2021

PTC meetings will not be held on campus; meetings will occur via Zoom

A virtual PTC must be initiated by either the Parent or Classroom Teacher


DATE: 5 - 9 December 2021

PTC meetings will not be held on campus; meetings will occur via Zoom

Teachers will contact the parents of students who need increased academic support or intervention to schedule a PTC meeting via Zoom

If parents would like to request a meeting with a teacher outside of Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) week, our teachers are definitely open to scheduling these meetings. As an open door policy school, please email your student's homeroom or subject-specific teacher to book a meeting.


It's that time again!

Soon, the primary email address for each family will receive the GEMS Parent Survey. This is your opportunity to provide your opinion on how GEMS American Academy Qatar is doing.

Your score is called the Net Promoter Score (NPS), considered a gold standard is customer service experience. The visual below in our social media post shows what your score truly means:

PROMOTER (Scores of 9 - 10) are parents who are happy with GAAQ

PASSIVE (Scores of 7 - 8) are parents who are neutral about GAAQ

DETRACTORS (Scores 0 - 6) are parents who are unhappy with GAAQ

At GAAQ, we strongly believe that our parents are our strongest ambassadors. Your honest feedback and suggestions keep our Senior Leadership Team busy with reflection, evaluation and action plans to fix weaknesses while growing in our school strengths.

We are thankful for our families working together with us and being patient as we continuously strive to give your students the highest quality education and school environment they deserve, despite the challenges!


Sunday, 28 November 2021

To mark the beginning of the FIFA Arab Cup, GAAQ students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite sports jersey on Sunday, 28 November 2021.

The FIFA Arab Cup sees 16 teams from across the Arab world come together to compete. The event offers a great opportunity for competitors and spectators alike to experience the spirit of Qatar and the iconic stadiums will host the World Cup in 2022.

Dates: 30 November - 18 December 2021


November 2021: "How to Manage Your Money & Make It Grow"

Tuesday, 30 November 2021 @ 5:15PM

** An informative livestream for ALL families, GAAQ and non-GAAQ, to attend and learn about great money management principles **

Sponsored monthly by our GAAQ Parent Association

We cordially invite you to attend our engaging, virtual "How to Manage Your Money & Make It Grow" livestream on Tuesday, 30 November at 5:15pm. Our chief presenter, Ridwan Sanusi, is known as "The Muslim Finance Coach" and has a passion for researching and learning about halal investments, passive income strategies and money management for individuals and families. What makes him qualified is not just his certifications, but he also extensive experience and expertise. Ridwan is a chartered accountant, a certified financial education instructor and a certified Islamic finance executive. Come join our livestream and share this opportunity with your family and friends!


Please share the word as interested families can REGISTER HERE:


YouTube Viewing Link:

Facebook Viewing Link:


October 2021: "In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month"


It's that time for a Lower School sporting event!

This Tuesday and Wednesday (23 - 24 November), students in Grade 2 and Grade 3 are participating in a special athletics event organized by QPPSSA (Qatar Private Primary Schools Sports Association) and led by GEMS American Academy Qatar. This is our first competitive sports event in a long time!

Make sure your students practice at home to show their best performance on competition day.

What should your child bring?

  • PE Uniform

  • Water bottle

  • Extra face masks

"How To Play" Video:

Timers & Score Sheet:

Due to current COVID-19 protocols, spectators are not allowed during the event, but we will keep you posted about everyone's results. There are more than 10 schools involved in this event, so we are excited for our students to soar.



Arguably, the most anticipated school event at GAAQ, United Nations (UN) Day has taken a different shape since the COVID pandemic and its restrictions. In the past, our GAAQ community has enjoyed UN Day because, as an international school, all families are encouraged to show their national and/or ethnic pride in the form of a country booth, food, flags, dress, artifacts as well as music and dance performances.

However, due to COVID and country regulations, we are postponing UN Day to February 17, 2022. The hope is that the current COVID regulations will lessen in hopes for a more robust UN Day in 2022. More details will emerge soon!

In the meantime, click here to take a look at pictures and videos of our last "normal" UN Day event in 2019.

connect with texas a&m university qatar ADMISSIONS (TAMUQ)

Dear GAAQ Families:

Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) would like to invite our students to find out more about one of the best engineering universities in the region!

Every Tuesday at 2pm Qatar time, TAMUQ admissions will be live on Zoom and will be able to help your students answer questions and talk about various majors at their university.

Register once and attend any Tuesday at 2pm using the following link:

EL PERIódico

Please click here to read our recent October 2021 issue of our El Periódico publication.

What is El Periódico? This monthly publication created by our high school Spanish students to serve as an opportunity for native speakers and learners to express themselves and to feel proud of their language. The overall idea is for students, parents and teachers to participate and share events, collaborations, news and stories that can help enrich the publication.

A special thanks goes to Señora Cobos for her continued leadership of this student-run publication.

gaaq is NOW on tiktok!

Yup, you heard it right - GEMS American Academy Qatar is now on TikTok!

Give our account a follow and show some love if you like the content. Click on the link below:

GAAQ TikTok Account

qatar education voucher

الساده أولياء الأمور.................... المحترمين

تحيه طيبه وبعد،،،،

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

تهدى مدرسة جيمس الامريكية أطيب تحياتها لسيادتكم متمنين لطلابنا عام دراسى موفق وآمن أن شاء الله .

نتشرف بأحاطة سيادتكم علما بأن الطلاب القطريين الذين يلتحقون بمدرسه الخاصه المرخصه في قطر من صف ماقبل التمهيدي الى الصف الثاني عشرمؤهلون للحصول على قسيمه تعليميه من الحكومه.

تبلغ قيمة هذه القسيمه حاليا 28000 ريال قطري سنويا. يتم دفعها على قسطين-واحد لكل فصل دراسي.

يتم أستحقاق الدفعه الأولى عن طريق وزارة التعليم بعد شهر واحد من بداية العام الدراسي على ان يتم سداد الدفعه الثانيه و( الاخيره) في يناير فى حالة استمرار الطالب بالمدرسة.

لأستحقاق القسيمة ينبغى تقديم الاتى /

يجب ان يسجل الطالب بالمدرسة

يجب على كلا الوالدين تقديم شهادة من مكان العمل تفيد بعدم حصول أي من الوالدين على أي بدل تعليمي تحريرا فى اول سبتمبر2021 او اى تاريخ لاحق

يجب تقديم صورة من شهادة ميلاد الطالب

فى حالة أنطباق الشروط الموضحة عالية على سيادتكم برجاء تقديم المستندات المطلوبة سابقا أعتبارا من بداية سبتمبر 2021 وتسديد فروق المصروفات الدراسية بعد مراجعتها مع موظف الصندوق .

صندوق الدفع الخاص بنا مفتوح من الأحد إلى الخميس من 8 صباحا-02:00 مساء و من 02:45 مساء -03:30 مساء.

نشكرك على إلتزامكم المستمر و دعمكم لأكاديمية جيمس الأمريكيه قطر.

نحن نقدر ذلك!

ASA GAAQ Parents:

I trust that this email finds you and your family well.

As you know, Qatari students who attend a licensed PK – 12 private school in Qatar are eligible for an educational voucher from the government. The value of this voucher is currently QAR 28,000 per year. It is paid in two installments – one for each semester. The first payment is made one month into the start of the academic year by the Ministry of Education and the second (and final) payment is made in January if the student is still enrolled.

To receive this voucher, the student must be accepted by the school and both parents must provide a birth certificate and the letter, from their workplace, stating that none of the parents receive any educational allowance.

Thus, to be eligible for the voucher at GEMS American Academy, please provide a hardcopy, signed letter from your HR to our GRE, Ms. Hanaa ( Please note that your letter from HR must be dated September 1 or any date afterwards. If you are eligible for this requirement, please submit as soon as possible with our cashier.

Our Cashier is open Sunday – Thursday, 8:00am – 2:00pm and from 2:45pm – 3:30pm.

As always, thank you for your continued commitment and support of GEMS American Academy Qatar. We appreciate it!


Photos and videos of our school in ACTION

Check out the fun happenings at GEMS American Academy Qatar.






Athletics Department

Check out the wonderful world of GAAQ Athletics!

Performing Arts Department

Take a look at developments in our Performing Arts Department


What is ALMA?

ALMA is a secure, easy-to-use online system that brings important school information and tools together in one place.

  • What is ALMA used for?

      • ALMA offers a parent and student portal to help families stay informed and on track with student learning and activities including attendance history, grades/report cards, administrator notes and scheduled classes.

  • Why is ALMA important?

      • ALMA is the main source of communication with our parents and students in UPPER SCHOOL. In addition, an activated ALMA account is vital for BOTH LOWER SCHOOL AND UPPER SCHOOL parents to access their child’s account.

  • Where Is This Used?

      • ALMA is used in both Lower and Upper schools.

It is essential for ALL PARENTS to log-in to ALMA to follow along with your child's academic and student progress. Please watch the videos below to understand how to create and/or log-in to your ALMA account.



Parents typically receive an ALMA email from school during the first week of school. This video will show you how to create your ALMA account.



Parents will receive an ALMA email to create an account. After your account is created, this video will show you how to login to your new ALMA account.

For any inquiries about logging into ALMA, obtaining your login username or resetting your ALMA password, please email Ms. Maureen or Ms. Shobana at:

Logging into gems parent portal

Did you know that you can use GEMS Parent Portal to make re-enrollment payments? Please click below to find the step-by-step payment method.


Don't know your Parent Portal password? If you know your Username, follow the steps below to recover your password, log into Parent Portal and pay.


Information that will help new GAAQ families and refresh the memories of our current parents



**We are seeking clarification from the MOE and MOPH; information below is subject to change

  • Students can start arriving on campus at 7:10 am. Instruction begins at 7:30 am.

  • Arrive to campus wearing mask (with a 2nd mask in backpack).

  • Ehteraz application (where applicable) - must be GREEN color.

  • Temperature is taken via thermal scanner upon entering.

    • If temperature is higher than 37.5 C, then person waits in the holding area for re-testing and further action.

  • Students will sanitize hands.

  • Students will go directly to classrooms. Students are NOT allowed to linger in the Atrium area.


From SUNDAYs - WEDNESDAYs, starting Sunday, August 29th


Certain Pre-K and KG1 students can dismiss as early as 12:00pm (if these students take the early bus home).

1:00 PM

Pre-K and KG1 pick-up

2:00 PM

Pre-K – KG2 BUS Riders will be escorted to their designated buses.

2:10 PM

Grade 1 – 12 BUS Riders will go to their designated buses.

*Buses will leave campus at 2:25 PM

2:15 PM

Student Group: Grades 3 – 12

Parent Pick-Up Location: Front steps leading to our school entrance.

How to Pick-Up Your Child:

· Send text message to your child that you have arrived. Teachers will approve the message and then dismiss the student.

· If your student does not have a phone, send an email to your child’s last period teacher. Teachers will approve the email and then dismiss the student.

· Lower School (Grades 3 - 5): Text message your child's homeroom teacher on ClassDojo or text via phone.

*Oldest siblings can go to classrooms to pick-up younger sibling(s)

Student Group: Grades 1 - 2

Parent Pick-Up Location: Side entrance area near last palm tree (in the front of the school)

How to Pick-Up Your Child: Upon request, teacher/staff member will release child to appropriate parent/guardian.

Student Group: Pre-K – KG2

Parent Pick-Up Location: Assigned area in front of Parent Café window

How to Pick-Up Your Child: Upon request, teacher/staff member will retrieve your child and bring them to the appropriate parent/guardian outside.

2:30 PM

All students should be dismissed from school at this time.

2:45 PM

At this time, all remaining students will be escorted to the gym. Students will sit at a sanitized desk waiting for their dismissal. Staff will ensure proper dismissal procedures are followed.


  • Pre-K & KG1: Dismissal at 1:00pm

  • KG2 - Grade 12: Dismissal at 1:30pm



We highly encourage parents to use personal transportation.

If using the bus service:

  • Be ready and waiting for the bus earlier than usual in the morning.

  • Temperature will be taken before the child enters the bus.

    • If temperature is above 37.5 C, entry will be denied.

    • If this occurs at the end of the day, the child will be isolated and his/her family contacted.

  • Students will sit socially-distanced at 50% (or less) capacity on the bus.

  • Please review the bus transport guidelines and protocols: Bus Safety Guidelines

Specific bus questions can be directed to


Our uniform store is located within our school.

  • Our school store is generally open from 7:45 am – 1:00 pm and 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm due to school entry restrictions.

  • Things to Know:

    • Bring latest pair of trousers and a shirt to purchase the correct uniform size.

    • Trying on clothes is NOT allowed for safety concerns.

    • Exchanging purchased uniforms is at the discretion of the School Store.


It is imperative for each Grade 6 - Grade 12 student to bring their device and headphones to school.


Note: Students MUST bring food and water FROM HOME, as the lunch canteen and water re-fill stations are closed until further notice.


APPLY FoR THE MOEHE Education Voucher!

Recent Letter to Qatari Families

As a reminder, GAAQ is under MOEHE approval for the education voucher. If your family submitted for the voucher last year, you must renew and submit again this year to get the voucher for the 2021 – 2022 school year. If you are interested or have any additional questions, please contact or call 4032 9079 for more information.


GAAQ حيث ان مدرسة جيمس الامريكية تطبق نظام القسائم الدراسية للطلاب القطريين من وزارة التربية والتعليم العالي

إذا قدمت عائلتك للحصول على القسيمة في العام الماضي ، فيجب عليك التجديد وتقديم المستندات مرة أخرى هذا العام للحصول على قسيمة العام الدراسي الحالى 2021/2022

أذا كان لديك اى أستفسارات برجاء الاتصال 40329079


To make your Term 1 payment for the 2021 - 2022 school year, please pay with the following options:

Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday, cash counter will be open from 7:45 am – 1:00 pm and 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm due to school entry restrictions.

· Payment Options:

o At School: Pay directly at our cash counter. Social distancing will be maintained. Cash or credit cards are accepted. Checks are drawn in favor of “GEMS AMERICAN ACADEMY” and given to the school cashier.

o Credit Card Remotely: Online payment via or GEMS Connect (app)

o Bank Transfer (Bank charges to be borne by remitter):


§ Bank Name: DOHA BANK

§ Bank Address: Mian Branch, Grand Hamad Avenue, PB# 3818, Doha, Qatar

§ Account Number: 202/344540/1/10/0

§ Swift Code: DOHBQAQA

§ IBAN: QA35DOHB020203445400010010000 (in case of direct bank transfer, please communicate to us by email - - the full name and student ID to keep the student ledger reconciled and updated)

o Due to COVID-19 concerns, non-enrolled students are not allowed on campus.

Please email if you have any additional questions about school/fee payments.


As a friendly reminder, please take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend Program.

How Does It Work? Introduce a new family or friend to the GEMS American Academy community and earn back a minimum of 4% and up to 100% of your child's annual tuition fee redeemable against school fees (if the referred student is successfully enrolled and starts in our school).

Once the referred student passes his/her assessment, please let the family know to write down your name on the registration form (at the question that asks "Who referred you to the school?").

There is no limit to the amount of students you can refer! This program has been a BIG success and we want to make sure all of our families know about the opportunity.

For more information, please contact

2021 - 2022 SCHOOL Calendar

Please click here for the 2021 - 2022 school calendar.





Do you have any questions? We want to hear from you!

GEMS American Academy Qatar

Mian St., Al Wukair, Al Wakrah

Doha, Qatar

+974 4032 9000