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About Us

Geer Sales is an e-commerce retailer helping clients sell and market their products online. We strive to increase sales, while growing market share. At Geer Sales, we are passionate working with businesses in order to help them reach maximum success! Ultimately, our goal is to develop long term partnerships with companies, to help companies achieve their sales/marketing goals by utilizing our knowledge and expertise!

Product Specialists

Having proper representation for products is key. This allows their true potential to shine, in turn increasing sales and adding customers.

Strategic Partner

We don't just sell your products online, we stand behind them. We establish a partnership with you and ensure they are represented appropriately.

Trusted resource

Online merchants can be hard to understand. We utilize our tools and expertise to help navigate the online marketplace. This allows us to help you take your products to the next level of online sales.

Amazon Brand Management

The Amazon space is hard to manage and follow all the rules. Let us help you be successful while maintaining control over your brand.

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Phone: 847-738-7625


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