Google Classroom - I have created a Google classroom for in class learning and as an option if we end up learning from home. Your child's access information will be secured in their agenda. Once in Google Classroom, be sure to click on CLASSWORK at the top of the page (rather than STREAM) to find weekly assignments.

Class Code - 578F590

At times students will have a specific assignment from me.

If not, Prodigy sets students up with it's own program based on the Ontario Curriculum.

Initially, students complete a placement test to assist in placing them in a sequence that fits their learning needs. With that said, they may say ,"This is too easy." (It's probably the placement test be sure to answer the question.) OR they may say, "Can you help me with this one?" Please don't help. If they get your help, the program thinks they know the material and will then place them in too difficult a sequence.

Class Code - yql8145

New Sept. 2020

EPIC Class (school hours) unlimited.

EPIC Free (home hours ) 2 hours per week with a limited library of educational books during out of school hours.

Parents, you will need to help your child sign up for the home access of the EPIC Free! I have emailed you an invitation.

Music Play online offers parents and children at home some of the components of the program we have access to as educators. Enjoy exploring the site.

If you go to Digital Resources you will find many free and wonderful learning opportunities that cover a wide range of curriculum content. Happy Exploring!

A throwback to our music, parents. Enjoy some tunes while the kids get some good hand washing done!