Tricia Persad, District Literacy Coordinator

Dianne Dean, Lorraine Brookes, Tessa Watson, District Literacy Resource Teachers

2017-2018 Professional Development


Title: After School Workshop Series A: Literacy is the Plate - Setting Up Your Language Arts Program

This series features four after-school foundational literacy workshops. Sign up for all - or just the ones that appeal to you.

1. Every Child Every Day & Comprehensive Literacy Framework (K-Gr. 5)

Wed., Sept. 13: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

2. Literacy Framework: Daily 5 (K-Gr. 5)

Wed., Sept. 20: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

3. Literacy Framework: Daily 5 with Early Primary Literacy Stations - includes Make & Take stations (K-Gr.2)

Wed., Sept. 27: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 1B

4. Literacy Content: CAFE, Reading Power, Reading Strategies (Gr. 1-Gr. 5)

Tues., Oct. 3: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

District Literacy Team facilitators: Lorraine Brookes, Dianne Dean, Tessa Watson, Marianne Vande Pol, and Tricia Persad


Title: After School Workshop Series B: Reading Assessment

This series currently features three after-school reading assessment workshops.

Workshops 2 and 3 are complementary. Sign up for both - or just the one that appeals to you.

1. Nonfiction Reading Assessment (NFRA): Marking Training (gr. 4-7)

Tues., Oct. 10: 3:30-4:45 @HGEC Room 8

Note: Video-conferencing not available

2. Primary Reading Assessment (PRA): Using our District Assessment (Gr. 1-Gr. 3)

Wed., Oct. 11: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 1B

Note: While the workshops and examples will be in English, there are many similarities between the Primary Reading Assessment for English students and Évaluation de lecture au Primaire (ÉLAP) for French Immersion students. French Immersion teachers are welcome.

3. Reading Records: Coding, MSV Analysis, and Instructional Focus (Gr. 1-Gr. 4)

Wed., Oct. 18: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

District Literacy Team facilitators: Lorraine Brookes, Dianne Dean, Tessa Watson, and Tricia Persad


Title: After School Workshop Series C : Guided Reading

This series features two after-school guided reading workshops. Sign up for both - or just the one that appeals to you.

1. Guided Reading Tier 1 (Gr. 1-Gr. 4)

Tues., Oct. 24: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

2. Guided Reading Tier 2: Leveled Literacy Intervention (Gr. 1-4)

Wed., Nov. 1: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 1B

Note: Tier 1 Guided Reading is an important part of a primary language arts program for all students. Tier 2 Guided Reading using Leveled Literacy Intervention is intended for our "at promise" readers who need more time and support learning how to read.

District Literacy Team facilitators: Lorraine Brookes, Dianne Dean, Tessa Watson, and Tricia Persad


Title: After School Workshop Series D: Literature Circles

This series features two complementary after-school literature circles workshops. Sign up for both - or just the one that appeals to you.

1. Literature Circles: Overview - A Guide to Faye Brownlie's Approach (Gr. 3-Gr. 7)

Wed., Nov. 8: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 1B

Note: Teachers attending Workshop 1 will receive a copy of Literature Circles: A Guide to Faye Brownlie's Approach.

2. Literature Circles: Classroom Examples (Gr. 3-7)

Wed., Nov. 15: 3:30-4:45 @ HGEC Room 6

District Literacy Team facilitators: Lorraine Brookes, Dianne Dean, Tessa Watson, and Tricia Persad



Title: A New Teacher's Welcome: Grow Your Learners, Grow Yourself!

Facilitators: Lorraine Brookes, Dianne Dean, Carly Herman, Tricia Persad, Marianne Vande Pol, Andrea Wallin

Date: Oct. 20

Time: 8:30-2:30

Location: HGEC 1A/B

Audience: Grades K-7 teachers

Description: YOU SURVIVED THE FIRST SEVEN WEEKS! NOW WHAT? If you’re a newer elementary teacher, join us for a day of learning about your students - their strengths, their challenges, their needs. Teachers will set class goals, learn about classroom routines, and experience ways to foster students’ core competencies. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to access resources through the Henry Grube District Library and explore picture books and novels supporting the curriculum and core competencies. Bring a class list and a unit idea you would like to develop through collaboration and a guided planning process that considers all learners. Leave feeling connected, supported and inspired, so you are ready to take on the rest of the year. Where: Henry Grube Education Centre (1A&B) 245 Kitchener Crescent, Kamloops, BC V2B 1B9 When: Friday, October 20th, 2017 8:30am – 2:30pm (Snack and lunch included) Space is limited. Register by Oct. 13th


A New Teacher's Welcome Oct. 20.pdf

Title: Looking at Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom

Facilitators: Faye Brownlie, local educators and leaders

Date: Dec. 4

Time: 8:30-2:30

Location: Sk'elep School of Excellence

Audience: K to Grade 12

Cost: Free (lunch included)


Morning session with Faye Brownlie on lit circles using Indigenous texts.

Teachers throughout BC are working to incorporate more Indigenous texts and understanding into their classrooms. Literature circles with student choice of text, no assigned roles and ever-changing and evolving groups work well with our new, rich resources. In this session, we will focus on building readers who read, on developing student learning and understanding of text through conversation, and of deepening our understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing through thoughtful response. Strategy sequences with Indigenous picture books will help build background knowledge and can be used before the literature circle novel texts are introduced or throughout the unit. See examples of what teachers have been doing in literature circles with texts that focus on the legacy of residential schools. Learn about new picture books, novels and graphic novels, all with Indigenous perspectives

Afternoon breakout sessions on:

  • Aboriginal Storytelling and Talking Circles (K-12)
  • Project based Indigenous learning in the Social Studies curriculum (K-3)
  • Project based Indigenous learning in the Social Studies curriculum (4-7)
  • Aboriginal Core Competencies
  • Blanket Exercise and Cultural Competency (K-12)
  • Cultural Education Offerings from the Friendship Centre (K-12)
  • Strategic Sequences with Aboriginal Texts (K-3)and (4-7)

Registration: Flyer

Literacy Opportunities

Title: Come Read with Me

Facilitators: Fiona Clare and Cami Klohn from Literacy in Kamloops (LinK)

Dates: Throughout school year

Location: Elementary schools

Audience: Parents/caregivers of grade 1 children

Description: Come Read with Me! is a two-hour session offered during the day. It assists with building a home-school connection by providing parents and caregivers with simple, positive strategies they can use to support their child(ren) with home-reading. Parents go home with new knowledge and a bag of materials including a new book, sight word cards, word games, foam dice, a Reading Success at Home handbook, a bookmark, and more. Interested principals should contact Literacy in Kamloops (LinK) Coordinator Fiona Clare or Cami Klohn.

See Come Read with Me page on the Literacy Resources website:

Title: Unplug and Play Family Literacy Week

Dates: January 20-27, 2017

Location: Participating schools and families

Audience: Students and families

Description: Families are encouraged to find a healthy balance regarding technology use. The idea is to reflect on technology use and disconnect somewhat from electronic devices and spend more time playing and reading together. Students in participating classes complete a "challenge" aiming to reduce or eliminate recreational screen/electronic time for one week . Many free school and community activities are offered for families to enjoy.

More information is available on the website:

Title: Battle of the Books


  • Zones - April 12, 2018
  • District - April 19, 2018

Audience: grades 3-7 students

Description: The Battle of the Books program was developed by School District librarians to encourage and to recognize students who enjoy reading and to broaden reading interests. As many as 30 elementary schools participate in Zone and District Battles, with the winners being every student who has become a veracious reader. More information is available on Battle of the Books website page:

Title: Young Authors' Conference

Date: TBA

Time: Full day

Location: TRU Clock Tower

Audience: grades 4-12 students

Description: The Young Authors' Conference is for aspiring young writers. It is a day when creative writing is celebrated as a joyful and rewarding art. Over 150 grades 4-12 students attend engaging workshops facilitated by published writers, develop their writing skills and confidence, and collaborate with peers.

See the Young Authors’ Conference website for more information:

Title: Bright Red Book Bus

Dates: July and August

Location: Several Kamloops schools and parks

Audience: Elementary-aged children and families

Description: Reading in the summer is important. Families are encouraged to visit the bus and have fun reading together. Children may choose one book to keep.

More information is available on the website: