Mrs. Villeneuve

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.I do assign homework. This is work that will help make students' school lives easier in the future. However, I realize that for some of you, getting your child to do homework or find time for homework is very difficult. So, as you read through what is expected (hoped for?), I hope you will realize that I will not be punishing your child, or keeping them in at lunch if their homework is not done.

  1. Spelling. This is mostly for vocabulary development and so the meaning of the words is more important than the spelling. We will practice also in class and will have a spelling test but there is no specific day for this. When I think most are ready for the test we will have it.

  2. Basic math facts. We start with 10 easy addition facts to learn, then move to subtraction and then multiplication and division. Knowing these facts makes it easier for students to work more complex problems later on.

  3. Reading. Reading is a skill that just needs practice. It is an important skill for their future lives and I would recommend reading something of interest to them each day for 20 minutes.

If they can do 10 minutes of spelling, 10 minutes of math and 20 minutes of reading each day, or most days, that would be wonderful. We will not be writing this down in our agenda everyday as it remains the same every day. We will only write down specific extra homework.