Bienvenue en 3e année

Semaines du 1er au 12 décembre 2017

Éducation physique:

  • playing volley ball on a half court: practice calling the ball, serving and bumping the ball, as well as playing with a team


  • The importance of giving, not receiving
  • Fixing ourselves goals to work on and how to accomplish them
  • collect food and toys; Run a garage sale (posters, advertisement, etc)
  • self-evaluate our word regularly


  • Review of concepts taught since September

Sciences Humaines:

  • complete our research project and practice presenting it
  • Listen to a presentation on China ( Vienna`s dad)
  • Listen to a presentation about Mexico ( André`s mom)
  • Compare these three culture to ours
  • Learn about different celebrations in Nov. and Dec. around the world (Hanoukka, La Ste-Lucie, St-Nicolas, etc.)

Les arts:

  • Complete our winter art project inspired by Lawren Harris
  • Art rotations through primary classes this week

Les arts langagiers:

  • The importance of having a great opening sentence when writing a story
  • Why authors include bigger words, darker words and smaller words in texts
  • Christmas vocabulary
  • English: review of the ING spelling rule

Les semaines du 19 au 26 novembre 2017

Éducation physique:

  • circus workshop with M. Benoit
  • learning basic skills for playing volley ball


  • importance of varying foods; selecting from each food groups
  • importance of sleeping, exercising, drinking water, learning, etc. to be healthy


  • Decomposing numbers to 1000; making numbers to 1000 using base 10 blocs
  • Reading and writing numbers to 1000 ( 64 and soixante-quatre)
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Math games involving estimating, creating, building, using creativity, imagination and group work


  • Continue listening to our story Kabungo; predicting, infering, making connections
  • Making a list of `beautiful words`found in this book
  • the ING rule for spelling ( read: reading - pet: petting - love: loving)


  • Writing descriptive stories using adjectives and `beautiful`words
  • using quotation marks, exclamation and question marks
  • the feminin rule: grand: grande; sportif: sportive; heureux: heureuse
  • looking for the spelling of words in lists and dictionaries
  • self-correcting our reading when it does not make sense


  • setting goals to reach
  • how to play-work in groups
  • how to solve conflicts

Sciences Humaines:

  • creating a poster, folder, with our information about our family; culture
  • listen to a presentation with Pika`s mom on Origamis
  • Locate on a map where our relatives come from; if a lot of our ancestors came from Europe, what does that tell us about where we are from? ( short discussion about settlers, etc)
  • The concept of Culture and tradition
  • Learn how to say BONJOUR in different languages

Arts visuels:

  • Rememberance day project
  • Peace painting and writing
  • Lawren Harris painting using cold colors and mixed media (winter scene)

le 6 septembre 2017

Welcome back!

My name is Mme Nancy and I will be your child's grade 3 teacher this school year.

I will be teaching Monday through Thursday and Mme Dumas will be teaching on Friday.

We are very excited to meet you all and your beautiful children!

To start the year, we would ask each family to kindly send:

  1. a box of kleenex
  2. a note with your email address; we will set up a group email list to easily communicate important messages to you all

Each child is also asked to bring:

  1. a pencil case to store his/her school supplies
  2. a water bottle, daily
  3. comfortable clothes and shoes daily; as we will participate in Daily physical activities inside and outside.

Please drop by to say "Hi! Bonjour!", our door is always open!

We will send a more comprehensive note soon with library and gym times, special things happening soon as well as when we will need your support in class.


Nancy et Mélanie

le vendredi 8 septembre 2017

This is what we have learned this week:

    • Math: -counting by groups of 5 and 10 beyond 100
          • completing surveys and analyzing them
    • Reading: - exploring the classroom and finding books to look at and read
          • - practising reading alone for 20 minutes
    • Writing: - write about what a good teacher should look like
          • -write about "ME"
          • -write about our summer
    • Carreer: - what are my responsabilites as a student in my school and my classroom
          • -classroom rules and virtues
    • Listening:- we read 5 stories this week "en français", we practiced sitting and listening, using a tool for our hands when needed, listening and participating to classroom discussions
    • Speaking: - speaking French through games and activities
    • Gym: -practice throwing and receiving a ball and bean bag

le vendredi 15 septembre 2017

This is what we learned this week:

  • Math: -tricks for completing quickly a page of additions and subtractions (+0, -0, +1, -1, etc)
      • - running surveys in the class and analyzing them
      • -learning to compare date on a survey: how much more there are " here compared to there"
      • understanding that 8+1 is the same thing as 1+8
  • Reading: -put books into our own reading bag ( reading to self and to others)
        • -recognizing the sound ON in various words
  • Writing: - using the sound ON in words, real ones and inveted ones
        • -the writing process: having an idea and writing about it ( in French and English)
                    • -making a plan and talking about it before writing our story
                    • -leaving appropriate spaces between words
                    • -checking for capital letters and periods
                    • -checking the spelling of words using tools from around the class
  • Speaking: -Collecting marbles in a jar, as a class, for speaking French to our peers (once we reach half the jar we will get a class prize)
  • Art and Carreer: we read the story Allô. allô, about a small fish who is looking for a friend ( discussion about friendship)
            • -we created a project inspired by the work in this story

Our first attempt to writing in English is displayed at the entrance of our class, on the right.

Our art project is almost completed and will be displayed in the hallway this week.


Nancy et Mélanie

le 22 septembre 2017

In Math:

  • creating our own survey, running it and analyzing it
  • learning to compare data on a survey
  • vertical additions without carrying
  • problem solving strategy: look for key words and circle them and draw a picture of what is being said


  • Review what we have learned so far
  • The role of pictures in books; add pictures and details in our pictures when writing our own books


  • Reading and English book 1x1 with Mme Nancy
  • Select books for our Reading bag in class ( French and English)
  • Making predictions and connections when listening to a story


  • Complete two projects: our name using various lines studied in class and our cartoon from Allô allô!
  • Dancing to "La danse des vitamines" de Annie Brocoli (see internet link)

Social Studies:

  • The history of stories through time: stories told, hieroglyphs, printing, trapestries, books, radio, plays, TV, computers, etc
  • Discussion on the evolution of technology around print; positive and negative aspects ( still a subject of discussion)
  • Putting these events in order


  • Learning to work together and accepting our differences
  • Being patient
  • Earth Rangers presentation in the gym: it generated lots of discussion on how we could be Earth Rangers and help protect our planet... classroom project to be determined soon! (see internet link)

Next week:

  • Art Cards to be done and completed by Wednesday: please talk to your child about what kind of card you would like him-her to do (thank you card, XMas card, BD card, etc)
  • Terry Fox Run on Thursday, 1h30. Please send a loonie or toonie for Terry!

La semaine du 25 septembre 2017


  • We are learning to complete vertical additions with and without regrouping. Concepts of tens and ones were reveiwed using manipulatives
  • Adding numbers quickly using a strategy (eg: reasoning and counting on from the highest number: 2+7 is the same thing as 7+2, then counting on from 7)
  • Running a survey and analyzing it


  • Adding detail to pictures of the stories we are writing by answering key questions ( who, where, what, when, why, etc)
  • Then adding these details to our stories
  • Finding the spelling of words using the various resources of the classroom
  • making words with the sound "ch" like Chat (see internet link)


  • Making words with the short sound "a"; rhyming words together (cat, sat, pat, mad, had, sad, man, ran, fan, etc)
  • Writing facts about Terry Fox
  • Using a list of high frequency words when writing to help us with spelling words correctly
  • Taking risks as a writer; sounding out words, for example
  • Using various words to begin a sentence to make our writing more interesting

Social Studies:

  • Making a timeline of our life from birth to now
  • Look at the map of Canada to track where Terry Fox ran and where he was born. We also located BC and Kamloops


  • Design and complete an Art Card
  • self assesment of our various art projects
  • signing Terry Fox's song (see Internet link)


  • Designing an object, using a scarf to start with, that would "fly" as far a possible across the gym (we had lots of fun!)
  • running, skipping, walking in various types of lines (review of vocab in Art)

Heatlth and Carrer:

  • Discussion around why we were collecting money for the Terry Fox Run; the story of Terry
  • Being a responsible student: listening, following directions, putting my hand up to speak, completing my work in time, asking for help, etc.

Next week:

  • A permission slip will come home regarding our trip to the farm
  • A sign up system will be put in place for setting up interviews next Tuesday Oct. 10th
  • The whole school will be running PBIS stations every afternoon next week, to review our school Matrix on expected behaviours
  • The children can practice English spelling on the link shared in Internet links. We understand that for some children, it will be easy. The goals of the grade 3 program for FImmersion students are to acheive the grade 1 and grade 2 goals throughout the year. You can let your child play with the various lists offered on this online program to better meet their needs. At this point, we have not assessed spelling as half of our students are just learning to read and write in English.

Thank you for your understanding!

Nancy et Melanie

La semaine du 1er octobre 2017


  • Adding 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping

Language Arts:

  • using descriptive words to enrich our writing (feelings)
  • using the tools around the classroom to correct our spelling
  • making connections with stories and real life events
  • the use of feminin in common words (grand: grande)
  • sound CH in French and short A in English


  • the three primary colours
  • study the work of Dutch artist : Piet Mondrian
  • review of types of lines used in Art


  • making a picture of us with our attributes and characteristics
  • review school wide values and "eagle attributes''
  • Introduction of ''J't'ai eu'' coupons for expected behavior


  • Vitamines found in foods we eat

Social Studies:

  • complete ourpersonal time line, from being a baby in mom's tummy to now :)


  • Tomorrow: Parent interviews from 1h20 to 7pm
  • Wednesday: trip to the farm, dress warmly and bring one easy snack to pack in a pocket

Happy Thanksgiving!

la semaine du 8 octobre

Social Studies:

  • comparing farming then to now; with our visit to Golden Ears Farm (equipment, innovations, for our againts)


  • where food comes from
  • importance of eating healthy


  • our roles and responsibilities in the class and at school
  • choosing goals to reach
  • finding more about Earth Rangers and how we can help; connecting with our community


  • estimating objects to 30
  • making pictograms and analyzing them
  • comparing data on a pictogram


  • in groups of 2-3, create an obstacle course in the gym using objects to throw and catch; and skip/ jump/run

la semaine du 23 octobre


  • Matching foods to vitamines
  • the role of vitamines in our body
  • the importance of eating balanced meals and snacks


  • children have created a circuit in the gym ( in groups of 2,3,4) and had to share it with others
  • learning to throw objects to hit a target, a bucket, a ring


  • We are reading a fun canadian novel called KABUNGO, we are answering questions as we go, making predictions, making connections, questionning ourselves, etc.
  • The short sound of i, making rhyming words and words that are in the same family ( it, sit, fit, sitting, etc)


  • We are learning to write about one personal experience... UN PETIT MOMENT... and develop our ideas, add details, adjectives and feelings.... this week we LOVED the book Le grand Antonio!
  • Making connections as we read
  • The feminin rule: adding a E at the end of most words ( grand-grande) and irregular words: beau-belle


  • representing 3 digit numbers using base ten blocks ( centaine, dizaine, unités)
  • decomposing 2-3 numbers : understanding that 324 is 300+20+4
  • naming the value of each digit in a 2-3 digit number
  • knowing that the difference is the answer of a subtraction, the sum, is the answer of an addition

Social Studies:

  • locating on a map, where we were born and where our parents were born
  • the concept of Culture was discussed, what it means, what makes you a unique person


  • Studying the art of Lawren Harris and representing a fall creation inspired by his latest work (modern and abstract)