Online Learning Resource Center

Gainesville City School System will be closed March 16-31 as a precautionary measure in accordance with state guidance. Each teacher has planned and communicated to students the expectations and assignments while the district is closed.

In response to our closing, GHS has created a comprehensive contingency plan that includes information for students, parents and staff regarding operations during this closure.

On this site you will locate the contact and training resources to help support student success during this time period. The comprehensive services available to all students include distance learning activities, educational technology assistance, student support services, counseling services and materials and food delivery services. More information is posted on our Student Services page.

If you need further clarification or assistance, please contact any of the GHS administrative staff listed below:

Mr. Jamie Green

Mr. David Covington

Mr. Adrian Cromwell

Dr. Paige Galt

Mr. Damian Powell

Mrs. Tonya Sanders

Mr. Nick Scheman