SAVA: 2017/2018

Courage - may it be contagious !

Hello and Welcome to the 2017/2018 SAVA school year!

SAVA has a lot of awesome changes this year and I am very excited to work with you to accomplish your goals!

Cheers to your SUCCESS!

-Mrs. Theroux

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  • Week 14 - Nov 6-9th

We got the votes needed to become part of SCUSD! Thanks to all who came out to support out wonderful school.

This week in CoLabs we will be learning about body language and how it can influence your ability to have productive conversations.

  • Week 13 - Oct 30-Nov 3rd

This week in CoLabs we are going to begin our series on Academic Conversations. Academic conversations are sustained and purposeful conversations. We will begin by learning strategies like sentence frames and transition words and phrases.

This THURSDAY is the official vote by the SCUSD board members. Please come and support our school.

  • Week 12 - Oct 23-27th

This week in CoLabs, students are finalizing their letters to the SCUSD board members. The official vote is next week!

  • Week 11 - Oct 16-20th

This week in CoLabs, students are writing a pre-assessment essay to help guide teacher instruction as we prepare for our Spring Writing Assessment.

  • Week 10 - Oct 9-13th

This week we are typing our final drafts of our letters to the Sac City Board. Thank you all for participating in this important activity. I feel your voices will be of great value when the Board is making their decision about our charter.

Wednesday is our annual College and Career Fair! It is held at the SIM center from 12-2. This is a great opportunity to speak with over 50 vendors about possible career moves after high school. See you there!

  • Week 9 - Oct 2-5th

Wow! It's already October! We are officially halfway through our semester! This week's Co-Lab focus is Persuasive Letter Writing. Students will be learning the components of a persuasive letter and writing their own letters to the Sacramento City Unified School District Board Officials persuading them to accept SAVA into SCUSD.

  • Week 8 - Sept 25-29th

This week our Co-Lab focus will be on writing an effective and excellent response to a question. Students will use the acronym R.A.C.E. to teach them the steps.

  • Week 7 - Sept 18-22nd

This week we begin Co-Labs. Our focus is note taking strategies.

There is also a very important meeting this Thursday 9/21 at the Serna Center on 47th Ave starting at 6pm. This is a Sac City Unified School District Board Meeting. At this meeting, SAVA administration, teachers and students will attend to show support for SCUSD to take on our charter. This is a complicated issue and I would be happy to explain in more detail. If you are a SAVA supporter (parent, student, community member) and would like to attend, please call me!!

  • Week 6 - Sept 11-15th

Pizza Party Challenge! If you log 20+ hours in a week between now and Sept 29th, you will qualify to attend a pizza party on Friday 9/29! You can do it! I mean, who doesn't want to eat pizza and celebrate YOUR hard work! Yay!

  • Week 5 - Sept 5-Sept 8th: Back to School Night! TUESDAY 9/5 6-7 here at PI

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! It was a hot one! This week we are focusing on thinking about our time on Edgenuity not so much as hours needed to complete each day, but quizzes completed in each class. We will also discuss effective note taking techniques.

  • Week 4 - August 28-Sept 1st: I want to give a big AWESOME JOB to Manny, Devontae, Thomas, Jason, and Pa-Nhia for logging in a bonus 3+ hours of Edgenuity over the weekend!! Look out for the announcing this weekends challenge! Prizes will be awarded :)

This week we will be making our Social Contracts, affirmation envelopes, and checking in on your note taking skills to use with Edgenuity.

  • Week 3 - August 21-25: Wow! Already the third week!!

This week we will discuss your time spent on Edgenuity and any questions or concerns you have.

See Edgenuity Slide Show below for information and today's task

  • Week 2 - August 14-18: Chromebooks!

This week we will check out Chromebooks, add Edgenuity classes and Ren test

  • Week 1- August 7-11: Welcome Back

This week we will have introductions, get important paperwork to be returned next week, and set up reoccurring schedule - woot!