GBS Career Day

16 October 2019

TIME: 14:30 - 16:30

Career development is one of the most important objectives in Geneva Business School. An early approach towards industries and international academic programmes is a catalyser for a successful world-class professional preparation. That is why GBS Career Day (Fall 2019) offers a dynamic experience to our students, providing a networking environment to explore internships, job placements, exchanges and study abroad opportunities offered by our corporate & academic partners.

GBS is inviting a group of companies, start-ups and academic institutions to participate in GBS Career Day (Fall 2019) in Barcelona Campus, with the purpose to develop meaningful and professional connections between our students and our academic & corporate partners.

Career Day (Fall 2019) is an initiative address to encourage students to explore their interests and passions, as well as to make a connection between professional experience and their academic programme.

For more information about the event, feel free to contact

Student Services Manager

M: +34 65 524 24 51

T: +34 93 481 65 06

Free Online Registration for Partners

Deadlines for companies & academic institutions: October 2, 2019

Deadlines for students: October 9, 2019