Travel Adventure

Lesson Plan

Western Europe travel adventure.

Essential Questions: How does geography influence the way people live? Why do civilizations rise and fall? How do governments change?

Project Goal : To learn more about a Western European country by creating a digital scrapbook that details one day's travel to a place of interest in their chosen country.

In this activity students will:

  • research a place of interest in Western European country, selecting facts, and images about the place
  • locate and label their chosen place of interest on a map of that country
  • develop a digital scrapbook for a day's travel to their chosen place of interest
  • compile a bibliography of sources used in their research


Students will plan a Virtual Travel Adventure to showcase the wonders of a travel destination in Western Europe. You will present your adventure by creating a digital scrapbook that includes images of the places to visit and attractions in those locations. It should include a map of the places you traveled along with the route and mode of transportation you used. The scrapbook should also include information about each location with important information about the country, cities, and connection to the essential questions: How does geography influence the way people live? Why do civilizations rise and fall? How do governments change?

Create your week long adventure to the country of your choice. Include the following:

  • Itinerary
  • Cities you would visit
  • Sites like the Colosseum or Eiffel Tower you would visit
  • Events you would attend during your visit
  • Travel map - locations of the places you visit. Not just the cities but the local destinations
  • Route you took to get from place to place with markings for starting point to end point (this can be city to city)
  • Why you would choose the places, events, and country to plan a vacation.

Travel Packages

Travel Quest Elite -- Present Day Tourist

Travel Quest Elite offers a magnificent travel opportunity without the emphasis on historical events or locations. The Travel Quest Elite experience focuses on the present day. Choose a country you would like to explore and begin planning your adventure. Select a country like Italy and travel through Rome, or go skiing in the Alps. Travel to France and select from destinations along the beautiful coast to major cities like Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower.

Travel Quest Premium -- Historical Traveler

Travel Quest Platinum offers the opportunity to experience scenic views, explore historical events as they unfold, meet historical leaders and witness history firsthand. The Travel Quest Premium experience focuses on the the events of history. Choose a country you would like to explore and a time period or jump around between time periods and begin planning your adventure. Select a country like Great Britain and travel back in time to see the Kings of England expand their control over other nations through colonization, or witness the impact of the Roman Empire as they took control over England. You might prefer traveling to France to see the completion of the Palace of Versailles in it's original glory, or the creation of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe you are intrigued by war and conflict and want to listen in to leaders like Winston Churchill plan for battle to defeat Germany.

Travel Quest Flux Capacitor -- Back to the Future- Connect the Past to the Present

Travel Quest Flux Capacitor is a unique experience that bridges the worlds of time and space. It allows the traveler to both explore modern times as well as travel into the past. Back to the Future allows you to journey into the past to explore scenic views, explore historical events firsthand and meet historical people in their element. This adventure also provides the opportunity to return to the present day and see the changes in the region that have taken place. This includes changes in geography, cities, political boundaries and opportunities for entertainment, and leisure. The emphasis of this adventure is to compare the two eras, the past and the future of the country you have chosen to explore. With the Flux Capacitor experience you are able to choose a wider variety of locations both geographic and time to customize your travel adventure.

Travel Agency -- Create adventures for others

You will take on the role of Travel Agent creating a memorable travel experience for your customers. You are a new employee who wants to do a good job for the customer and your boss. With that in mind you want to choose your option wisely. Choose a travel option that will allow you to demonstrate your abilities to plan a trip that others would want to embark on. Be detailed etc... and also want to impress your boss with your creativity.

Digital Scrapbook

How to present your travel adventure-

Choose from the options below to present your Travel Adventure. The expectation for each format will be based on the Travel Quest Package you have chosen for your expedition. Please read through the choices carefully to make sure you select the proper presentation venue to accomplish your goal.

Google Slides - Digital Scrapbook

Digital Scrapbook Soc St

Create a digital scrapbook using the Google template provided, or from the site to chronicle your journey. Your scrapbook will present your journey through your chosen country. You will include the places visited, a map of the locations traveled to, and an explanation of why you chose to travel to those destinations. Your scrapbook should provide answers for the essential questions through the images and information you provide. Use the pins, buttons, and other visuals to turn a basic slide presentation into a unique digital scrapbook.

Google My Maps - Digital Tour

Create a Map using Google My Maps to create a visual representation of your journey. If you choose the Flux Capacitor option you will be able to create layers to separate the destinations you chose to visit in the past from those of the present. Google My Maps allows you to create pins for each destination, add information including text, images and videos to show the important ideas about that location. You are able to create unique pin icons to help identify the significance of the location. You will also use the directions tool to plot the course of your travels to help tell the tale of your journey.

Google Sites - Digital Travel Brochure

Google Sites allows you to pull a multitude of resources together. Sites allows for the greatest potential for creativity as it allows you to include any of the other options or all of the presentation choices into one project. You could create a slide show, a map and insert them into a site where you can add more information about your journey. In a travel brochure you are able to create individual pages with images, information and even videos showcasing the unique features of each destination. You could choose the Travel Agency option and create a variety of travel packages that others could choose from. Click on the Back to the Future Agency link on top to see an example of what you could create.