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Welcome to 3rd grade. Our classroom motto is: We all fit in and Third Grade Thinkers

All students have been tested in Fountas &Pinnell running records. Each student has an instructional reading level.

Why Read 20 Minutes at Home?

Math: The students are finishing in Domain 1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking. It is important for all students to have FACT POWER! All the students are continuing to understand multiplication and division number stories. Thanks for all your support. We will be starting Domain 2 Numbers in Base Ten after winter break.

Spelling: The students are working on short/long vowels in addition to plural nouns to help with reading skills. Remember to continue to complete spelling homework daily.

Reading : The students are reading: Bat Loves the Night Genre: Narrative Nonfiction. Elements of a Narrative Non fiction: written in story form with real facts and information. time order words and events are told in time sequence. Essential Question: What makes bats interesting and useful?

Grammar: Plural Nouns,

Spelling: Plural nouns

Vocabulary: detail, squeak, echoes, swoops, twitch, slithers, doze, snuggles

Vocabulary Strategy:suffixes able, ible

Target Skill: Sequence of Events

Target Strategy: Questioning

Writing: Personal Narrative Focus Trait: organization/Time order words

Social Studies: The students completed their pilgrim dolls!. They did a fabulous job! The students were assessed on Why people moved to America? The Pilgrim Dolls kicked off our unit.

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