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Who is Your School Social Worker & What does she do?

Hi, I am Mrs. Christopherson, also known by most of the students as Mrs. Chris. This is my 5th year working at Gavin South Middle School! I received my Bachelor's in Law & Society from Purdue University and my Master's in Social Work from Dominican University. Prior to coming to Gavin, I worked for Lake County Juvenile Detention/Probation services for over 8 years. I pursued a career in school social work with the goal of making positive connections with students to help them overcome their challenges and reach their full potential and goals.

School Wide Information or Events:

I am so excited that Gavin South is introducing a school-wide Social-Emotional (SEL) Curriculum this year called Second Step. The 5 main components of social-emotional learning are: Self-Awareness (identifying emotions, recognizing strengths, self-confidence, self-efficacy), Self Management (impulse control, stress management, self-motivation, goal-setting, organizational skills) Social Awareness (perspective-taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, respecting others), Relationships Skills (communication, positive relationship-building, teamwork), & Responsible Decision Making (identifying & solving problems, evaluating actions, reflecting, ethical responsibility) . Second Step is a comprehensive SEL program that supports improving child safety, readiness to learn, school culture, and academic success.

September is Attendance Awareness & Improvement Month.

October is Anti-Bullying Month! Gavin South Stand Up & Speak Out Against Bullying!

What You Can Do- Bullying

Parent/Community Resources

Need Assistance? I can help connect you to community resources and other supports to help meet your student and family needs, including community counseling agencies, funding for clubs/sports, clothing, hygiene products, and holiday help.

13 Reasons Why & Mental Health Resources
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Student Resources

Do you need to meet with Mrs. Chris? Fill out a Social Work request slip located outside of her office (next to the Library) or ask your teacher for a slip and she will meet with you as soon as possible!

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