Mrs. Anderson's 3/4 Guided Learning Class

Aide: Mrs. Miller


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Speech- Maria Krug and Vicki Ivers

OT- Nancy Dague

PT- Mrs. Henning

Social Work- Jessica Walker

Hearing Itinerant- Tracy Aleckson

Classroom Resources (this is both for reading eggs and math seeds. Their logins are in their assignment notebooks)

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Daily Homework

Read and fill in your reading log

Practice Read Naturally 3 times

Practice sight words and Spelling words

Some suggestions for practicing words are to write them in sugar, rainbow write, body spell, build them out of play-doh, tape them to the ceiling and shine a flashlight on them then read and spell them, write them on a piece of paper that is placed over a bumpy surface or write them several times and point them out in books.

Nightly homework is also sent home and is written on the assignment notebook. It reflects on what we have worked on in class that day. Homework is required Monday-Thursday

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