Mrs. Kaye


Phone: 847-546-9336 ext. 250

Instagram: @_mrskaye_

Twitter: @gavinmrskaye

I will be using Google Classroom this year and you will need an access code for each of my classes and for 8th grade announcements. You MUST have a email address assigned -so parents, please ask your 8th grader for his/her school email to access the classroom pages.

Please go to Google Classroom and find the + button located at the top of the page. Enter the class code/s below to gain access.

  • English Language Arts: r27qbcy
  • 8th Grade Announcements: dtnxlh

Below is also an updated weekly outline of classroom lessons and activities.

Kaye ELA Weekly Plans 2018-2019

Gavin South Middle School

25775 W Highway 134

Ingleside, IL 60041