Dr. Jo Amburgey

Gavin Central Elementary School

36414 N. Ridge Avenue

Ingleside, IL 60041

(847) 973-3280


It is so exciting that spring has finally arrived! There are so many wonderful adventures that happen near the end of the school year. Below is a list of current activities that are scheduled for April and May. I am certain that more items will be added so please monitor the school website and teacher communications for additional information.

April 16 - Map testing begins

April 17 – 4th Grade Fax Gilbert History Play practice

April 18 - Early dismissal at 11:30

April 18 – 4th Grade history play

April 18 – 3rd trimester mid-terms go home

April 18 - Kindergarten Orientation 6:30 PM

April 20 - Kindergarten to CLC to see “3 Little Pigs”

April 24 - Board Meeting

April 25 - Boy Scout talks at lunch times

April 25 - 7:00 PM 3rd Grade Musical

April 27 - Teacher Institute Day (no school for students)

April 26 - Incoming 5th Grade Orientation at South 6 PM

May 4 - Junior Achievement activities

May 10 - District Choir Concert at Central

May 10 - Old World Wisconsin trip for 4th Grade

May 10 - 3rd Grade to see James and the Giant Peach

May 11 - Kindergarten to Kohl’s Children’s Museum

May 16 - Early Dismissal at 11:30

May 16 - 10:15 -11:25 Kindergarten Day with Mom

May 17 - District Band Concert at South

May 18 - Last day to check out books in library

May 21 - 3rd Grade to Camp Henry Horner

May 23 - Pre-K Screening

May 23 - Last Day for AR Testing

May 24 - Pre-K screening

May 24 - 2nd Grade to Legoland

May 24 - Beginning Band Sign up night 5-8 pm

May 25 - 9:30 – 4th Grade to Camp Wonderland

May 25 - Prizes awarded for AR Reading Challenge

May 25 - Pre-K picnic

May 28 - Memorial Day (no school)

May 29 - 8th Grade Graduation at Grant High School

May 30 - Field Day

May 31 - Last day of school for students - 11:30 dismissal


If you have not visited our facebook page, please take a few minutes to see the pictures and information happening at the Gavin Schools. You do not have to be a member of facebook to view the pages. Just go to the Gavin website, (www.gavin37.org) and click on the blue, “f” icon. Enjoy the fun!

Spring break begins on Saturday, March 24th. We want to wish all of you a safe, fun time during this short, vacation. School begins again on Monday, April 2nd.


If your phone number or e-mail address changes, it is certainly very important to contact the school with this new information. We use e-mails and phone calls to contact parents / guardians if we have information that needs to get out right away. You will not get this information if you do not give us updated phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We also need updated emergency contact information as well. Please remember to do this to always stay informed with school / district news.

Enjoy the warmer weather. Spring is almost here!


One of the goals of education is to develop habits and routines that will help our students lead productive and happy lives. A key to teaching children to be independent is to help them understand that they are responsible for their own actions. As educators and parents we need to model for children the importance of being on time and of getting things completed on time.

Being punctual is highly valued by employers, family, and friends. As educators we know that when a child develops a pattern of being late to school it can impact their learning. Being punctual and not allowing our children to dawdle or delay will help teach them this very responsible life skill. We encourage you to do everything in your power to promote good school attendance and punctuality. Our classes start at 8:30 at Gavin Central. Help your children be on time.

Getting prepared the night before for the morning “rush hour” may help in getting your child to school on time. Here are some helpful hints. Tape the sides of a file together and place it on the refrigerator. Use this as a place to put those permission slips and papers that seem to disappear the morning they are due. Get a big basket and label it “library books.” Have your children keep their school library books there when they are not being read so that you know right where they are on library day. Get your children in the habit of packing their backpacks the night before. Consider setting all the clocks in your house five minutes fast.

Success is a journey…not a destination.

We appreciate the efforts you make in teaching your children the values that will lead to their continued success and growth.


It is so hard to believe that February is here and our second Parent / Teacher Conferences are next week. At our conferences last fall we scheduled conferences with every parent. However, the conferences, on February 8th and February 9th are set up based on student academic or behavioral concerns. The conferences at Gavin Central will be from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Thursday and 8:30 to 11:30 am on Friday. Parents can set up conferences through Skyward. The instruction sheet for conference sign-ups went home last week. However, please contact the school office at 847-973-3280 if you need help scheduling a conference.


Welcome back! It was exciting to see the kids again after a long break. Please make sure they have their winter coats. Several students only wear jackets to recess. When we see them without winter coats, we have them stay inside.

Please do not park in the circle drive. We have “No Parking” signs in place, but people still park there. You should park in the parking lot if you need to leave your car. We have buses that sometimes come through the circle to drop off students. They cannot drive through the circle if cars are parked at the curb. Also, when cars are parked, this stops the traffic flow to allow other parents to drop off their children. Sometimes, we have parents who then pull beside parked cars and drop off their children. This creates a dangerous situation for the students. Thank you for your support with this process.


Many incredible music concerts and other activities have taken place the past few days. Students and staff are buzzing with excitement about their plans for winter break. This is that special time of the year when we spend precious moments with our families and friends. The Gavin Central Staff would like to wish all of you a magnificent holiday season and Happy New Year! Keep safe and warm as you create and share cherished memories with your children.


Thank you so much for supporting the Book Fair last week sponsored by the Parent Involvement Group. This is a great fundraiser for the organization. This year, they had $6,133.04 in sales. Our library will be able to purchase about $2,500 in new books for our children with the profits from this sale.

The Parent Involvement Group will be running the Winter Raffle again this year. It is on display in the office area. Please check out the many gifts listed in their flyer found on the district website. The drawing for the prizes will take place on Friday, December 15th.

Other events this month include:

12/7 - District Choir Concert at Central

12/8 – Movie Night – Despicable Me 3 – The doors open at 6:00 and the movie begins at 6:30. The admission fee is $2 with proceeds going to the PE and Music Departments. Concessions are available.

12/13 – Half day of school, Kindergarten Winter Celebration

12/14 – District Band Concert at South

The month of December is a very busy month for everyone at home and at school. Enjoy the beautiful blankets of snow, the colorful lights, awesome music, and the many joys of the Holiday Season!