GPG Training Portal

Welcome to Gateway Pet Guardians Training Portal. This is a website dedicated to giving you tips and tricks to training your GPG foster or adopted dog.

One of the first things we recommend before starting any training is to learn about dog body language. This will help guide you throughout the training and understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

You may encounter basic training issues when first bringing your new pet home or after years of having them. This portal will help guide you through those issues via videos and handouts.

Many times when you encounter a behavior issue that is more advanced than your knowledge, it can be stressful. With our videos and handouts we can help guide you through training to handle these issues.

Enrichment is an important part of your pets life. Many times people help with a dogs physical needs (walks, tossing balls) but overlook the mental side. Enrichment helps stimulate the mind and allows the animals a healthy outlet to do so.

Our Virtual Basic Dog Training class is a self paced course that allows you to train with your dog via our online training videos. We have organized the course work in a strategic fashion to allow your dog and you to have the most successful process.

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