South Point High School PTO


South Point High School PTO is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping SPHS teachers, staff, and parents come together to support and enrich the learning environment for our students.

2018-2019 Board

President--Freida Poag

Vice President--Heather Adcock

Treasurer--April Nixon

Secretary--Sherri Helton

The South Point High School PTO is hoping to raise funds during the 2019-2020 school year to help with technology upgrades and replace microwaves in the cafeteria for staff and students to use. In addition the PTO will continue to provide meals for staff during parent conference days and teacher appreciation week, serve breakfast for honor roll students once each semester, cater Baccalaureate reception and sponsor the Senior breakfast.

Donate to the Raider Fund here

Ways to help our teachers

Show your gratitude for the administration and faculty of South Point High School this holiday season by ordering a GRATEFUL GRAM and/or providing holiday treats for our teachers and staff!!

Everyone appreciates being told thank you, and the holiday season is the perfect time to tell our teachers, coaches, counselors, and other staff how grateful we are for them! Sending a GRATEFUL GRAM is very simple! Clicking on the link below will take you to a secure page where you input donation amount ($5 minimum per recipient is requested), recipients name and a personal message in the Comment Box, along with payment information. In lieu of ordering online, you may also deliver this information and a cash/check to the school office. GRATEFUL GRAMS will be delivered to the school each day. They are available to order December 9-December 19, 2019.

All money received from the GRATEFUL GRAMS will be used by the PTO to provide meals for staff and students throughout the year, and to support any other needs the school may have to enrich the learning environment for our students.

Another way you can help is by providing HOLIDAY TREATS for our teachers and staff. On Wednesday, December 11 the PTO will provide breakfast, and on Wednesday, December 18 we will provide sweet treats. Below is a sign-up genius link for each. Please sign up if you are able to help!!/showSignUp/30E084DABA82AA5F58-mrs!/showSignUp/30E084DABA82AA5F58-santas