2018 Track Season

Greetings Parents and Students to the 2019 Season. I am currently working on making this web site friendly to use for this season.

For 2019 season information in the mean time to click on the home page in the right corner and the 2019 Track Season tab will appear.

I am looking forward to working with everyone this season.

Coach Niles

Cramerton Boy/Girls Track Season 2018

May 21st - May 24th is our athletic awards dinner at CMS at 6:30pm. We look forward to seeing you all there.

May 15th - Reminder for those boys gentleman who participated at the County meet to turn in your uniforms as soon as possible.

Also, on May 24th, 2018 at 6:30pm at Cramerton Middle School we will be having our sports banquet. We look forward to seeing you there.

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the County meet. We had some solid performances and personal best yesterday. Here is a list on the student athletes who placed in the county meet:

  • Plamedi Warsinsky - County Champion in the Long Jump
  • Girls 4x200 Relay and Girls 4x100 Relay 3rd places
  • Jada Floyd - 5th in the Long Jump
  • Kimora Lawrence - 5th in the hurdles
  • Mercy Le - 6th in the mile
  • Emmanuel Paddyfote -4th in the mile and 6th in the 800 meters
  • Abbey Ferrell - 6th in the 400 meters
  • Madison Peek - 6th in the 800 meters
  • Wyatt Brooks - 5th in the Shot Put

I posted some pictures from yesterday below. Great season everyone.

May 8th- Good Luck to all who are competing in this afternoon's County track meet!

Attention eight grade middle distance boys/girls members. If you are interested in running Cross-Country in the fall either at South Point, Stuart Cramer, or Forest view I will be posting information on the web site. I have spoken with the Forestview Head Coach and awaiting to hear back from the other schools.

South Point High next Tuesday, May 15th they are hosting Meet the Coaches from 6:30 to 7:30pm at SPHS. Please Contact Coach Kubbs through school email about your interest in running cross-country this Fall.

Forestview High School - Please see below for the contact information for Coach Hunsucker. Also on June the 2nd Forestview is hosting a 5k which helps support their team so please consider it. You will get a taste of what cross-country is like since some the race is on their course.

Stuart Cramer High - awaiting to hear from the coaching staff.

May 4th - County Meet is on TUESDAY, May, 8th at Ashbrook High School. Meet starts at 4pm. Boys will practice Monday, it will be lite so they will be finished at 4:30pm for pick up.

Reminder team pictures are also May 8, so please remember athletes to bring your singlets or shirts to wear. However, you will be required to turn in your singlets at this time.

cross country at Forestview.pdf

Congratulations to the athletes who competed in this afternoons Division Meet. Here is a highlight of the meet and these people qualify for County Meet:

Boys track was 4/5 in division meet. The following student athletes qualified for county meet:

Palemdi Warinsky - 3rd in 200, 2nd in Long Jump, and 3rd in 100 meter

Keylian Fleming - 6th in 200 and 5th in 100

Emmanuel Paddyfote - 4th in the 800 meters and 3rd in mile

Wyatt Brooks - 6th in Shot Put

Ethan Barnett - 5th discuss

Girls were 4/5 in division meet with the following qualifying or county:

Karis Peterson - 6th in 200

Madison Peek - 6th in 800 Meters and 5th in Mile

Sadi Poole- 6th in 100

4x200 Relay was 3rd

Abby Ferrell - 4th in 400

Emma Hardy - 5th in 400

Jada Floyd - 4th in Long Jump

Mercy Le - 5th in the high jump and 3rd in mile

Kimora Lawrence - 4th in 110 Hurdles

NO Practices for Boys or Girls for Friday. However, athletes need see their coach for the practice workouts.

April 30 11:20am- Boys Roster is now completed and listed below. The alternates are on the bottom of the roster.

Also May 4th, 2018 there will be no Boy's Practice. For those who qualify for County will start practice the following Monday after school. To qualify for County the student athlete has to finish top 6 in their event and top three relays teams advice to County Meet.

April 30 - Morning parents! I usually have the team roster up by now for Boy's track for the next meet to allow you time to make arrangements and support your children. I told the gentleman Friday who was on the Division Roster so hopefully they told you. I did not post it because of some minor changes to the roster.

Also eighth grade student athletes (boys and girls), I know a lot of you already are starting to show your end of the year eighth grade behaviors. Remember the we have been paying attention to practices, classroom behaviors, and who does not notify coaches of when you are missing practice. The school year is NOT over yet and you still need to focus on your responsibilities as a student athlete.

Team Pictures will be held on May 8, 2018 in the morning. We will make announcements when members will have their pictures taken.

April 27 - Boys Division Roster will be announced today. It has been extremely difficult for the last few positions. I am extremely proud of everyone who participated this season. For those Boy's who did not make Division roster you have they have the OPTION of continuing to practice with the team next week.

Our division meet is next Thursday and we will again need volunteers from parents or athletes who want to help with field events and cheer own their team. Please let me know if you are interested.

Also, May 8th we will be having team pictures so please bring your team singlets to this. You can choose to wear your singlet or you can team shirt. However, all singlets not being used will have to be turned in at this time. Thank you.

April 25 - There will be NO field events today. The running events will start at 3:45pm at Ashbrook High School.

April 24 - Boy's Team has NO practice today! Boys are expected to do at least a mile run and their conditioning, sit ups, push ups, wall sits, and planks. Tomorrow for those who are not competing are expected to run on their own because Thursday will be a hard day on the track for speed.

April -23- Boy's Team will be practicing this week and should be finished with practice by 4:30/4:45pm.

April 22 - Monday and Tuesday is calling for rain so gentleman please have spare clothes to change into if we get rained on during practice. Wed forecast is looking okay for the meet, however, if it rains and the meet is cancelled we will have an inter-squad meet for the boys. We will have this on Thursday and Friday.

I have posted for the boys the meet roster below. The meet will be held at Ashbrook High School. I still have an open spot for someone interested in the 100 and Hurdles. I will make a decision on these events on Monday.

April 19th - Congrats to the athletes to competed yesterday and for those who worked with helped the coaching staff to run the meet. Here are the results from yesterday's meet:

Boys Team finished 4/4 highlighted by:

Ethan Barnett 2nd in Discuss

Brain Moore 4th in Discuss

Palmedi Warsinky 1ST Place in the 100 Meter Dash and Long Jump

Jakeem Dennard 2nd in Long Jump

Emmanuel Paddyote 3rd in mile and 4th in 800 meters

Ethan Mingus 2nd in the mile

Girls Team finished 3/4 highlighted by:

Mercy Le 5th in high jump, 3rd in mile, and 3rd in 400

Bryn Bumgardner 3rd in Long Jump

Madison Peek 2nd in Mile and 2nd in 800 meters

4x200 relay 1st

Heidi Burns 4th in 100 meter dash

Josie Braddy 3rd in 800 meters

Special Thank you to Mrs. Nault Ms. Trudnak, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Mosteller for working the meet and the rest of the staff who came to show your support.

BOY'S Team there will be NO practice on Friday, April 20th. Enjoy your day off. Please get one mile run in, push ups, sit ups, planks, and wall sits on your own. If you do not do this on Friday you will need to complete on Saturday or Sunday.

April 17- We are almost at out first home meet of the year. I think we are almost ready for hosting and big shoot out to FVHS, their track staff, and their track athletes. If any parent would like to assist in the meet and gain free admission to the meet please contact me at CMS. Thank you.

April 15th - Parents and Athletes, something to think about for the summer for those you wanting to continue to improve your running. I attached the web page below.

8th grade middle distance runners if you are interested running Cross-Country in High School please let me know and I will reach out to your High School and inform the coaching staff.

Also, we finally got some middle school rules established regarding team size when going to a meet. It was extremely hard for me and some other new coaches who did not get direct answers regarding this. When I made team cuts for the Boys team I was going off top 5 per event for transportation and size of a meet. NEW RULES for the rest of the season is FOUR athletes per event. This rule took effect on last Friday. Some coaches believe top 5 is too many athletes for four schools and makes track meets last too long. It is still top three for division and county. I will still have everyone in more than one track meet with multiple events. I want each athlete to experience track and field and fully enjoy this sport rather than just one event. Also, from a parent stand point I understand how long it can be waiting to watch your child for something that can last less than 5/6 minutes. This being said I have posted the next meets roster. For those competing this Wed odds are you are not going to compete in the week after to allow the rest of the team to compete. Remember you are competing for a top three spot at divisional meet. Please look below for team roster. I will allow more team managers this upcoming week because we are hosting and the more people we have to work the faster the meet will go.

April 12 - We are hosting at track meet next Wednesday at Forestview High School and would like to see you all there again and ask if any parent would like to assist in timing or in a field event. Please call Coach Niles at the school, 704-836-9603.


The girls won their meet as the boys finished second. I was happy to see the growth and improvements from the beginning of the season. Here is a brief summary of yesterday's meet:

Boys Team Standings:

WC Friday - 79

CMS - 67

York Chester - 24

Chavis - 14

Shot Put - Ethan Barnett 4th, Brian Moore 3rd

Discuss - Ethan Barnett 1st, Brian Moore 3

Long Jump - Plamdei Warsinky 1st, Jakeem Dennard 4th

110 Hurdles - Amarri Manning 5th

1 Mile - Ethan Mingus 2nd, Emmanuel Paddyote 3rd, Choen Meeks 5th

400 Meter Dash - Landon Hudock - 3rd, Jackson Sawyer 5th

100 Meter Dash - Plamdei Warsinky 1st, Keylian Fleming 3rd

800 Meter Run - Emmanuel Paddyote 2nd, Ethan Mingus 4th

200 Meter Dash - Keylian Fleming 2nd, Plamdei Warsinky 4th, Jakeem Dennard 5th

High Jump - Liam Facer 3rd and Luke Barber 5th

Girls Team Standings

CMS 87.5

WC Friday 56.5

York Chester 34

Chavis 6

Discuss Anna Jennings 1st, Sabrina Sanford 5th

Long Jump - Jada Floyd 1st, Bryn Bumgardner 2nd

High Jump - Mercy Lee 1st, Georgia Becton 2nd, Isabelle Simmons 4th

110 Hurdles - Kaitlyn Anothony

1 Mile - Madison Peek 1st, Mercy Le 3rd, Sierra Montoya 4th

400 Meter Dash - Emma Hardy 1st, Mercy Lee 2nd, Eliana Phadke 3rd

100 Meter Dash - Jada Floyd

800 Meter Dash - Madison Peek 1st, Josie Braddy 3rd, Lilly Riley 5th

200 Meter Dash - Christa Thompson 2nd, Kendall Manning 4th

April 10th - Parents of those athletes going to NGHS to compete tomorrow. If you are transporting your child home the sign out sheet is in my New Balance South back pack. I will do a head count on the way home to make sure we have every athlete accounted for. Thank you for your cooperation.

April 8th - I hope everyone had a great Spring Break with family and friends. I am going to attach the BOYS roster for this Wednesday's meet at North Gaston High School. I hope this helps parents and families who need time make arrangements if coming to support your student athlete.

The three Alternative Athletes are: JR Driggers, Bryson Lewis, Jaxson Hill. These athletes are not promised to compete but will assist coaching duties, fill in for athletes if needed, and will TRY to work them in to meet.

I will have this posted on my window tomorrow after announcements. Each Student Athlete is RESPONSIBLE for remember their events!!!!

April 5th - Good week of optional practice and I was happy to see many faces on the track. The discuss throwers learned their rotation throw, hurdlers learned their 4 points to hurdling, long jumpers learned approach and landing technique, high jumpers worked hard on approach (short and normal), arch, and chin to neck, AND then there was the middle distance athletes who learned what hills were to strengthen their legs.

I will post the boys line up for Wednesday's meet at North Gaston on my office window Monday Morning after announcements. PARENTS, I will also list two/three alternates for each meet going forward. This means they might NOT compete but will serve as managers. If an athlete cannot compete in an event at the meet this alternate will compete in that spot.

Since my spiral from the SP meet has not yet been returned to me I will do my best to set a proper line up for North Gaston. I would like to review the times and stats to help assist in this decision making, so I will refer to Time trails, practice attendance, growth from practice, and seeing where CMS can maximize most points in preparation for division and county championships.

See you all Monday! Coach Niles

First Dual Meet of the season is in the books and could not be prouder of those who competed. Remember this is a process and not expected personal records each time out. What I am looking for is personal growth on the track and off the track.

Congrats to the Girl's team for winning their dual meet. It was a solid performance by the Lady Eagles and hopefully right start to something bigger. These student athletes help score for the Eagles:

    • Le 2nd place in High Jump, 2nd place in the 1600 meter run
    • Becton 4th place in High Jump
    • Floyd 2nd and Bumgardner 3rd in the Long Jump
    • Howard 1st in the Hurdles
    • Peek 2nd in the 800 and 1600 meter run
    • Bradley 4th in the 800
    • Burris 1st in the 100
    • Patterson 1st in the 200
    • Hardy 3rd in the 400

The boys might not have won their dual meet HOWEVER, everyone who competed lowered their time trials time. Sprinters were anywhere from 1-4 seconds faster and Mid Distance was :15 to :25 seconds faster. Remember what I said gentleman this is a process. You have a hard leg workout on Monday and still improved. These student athletes were able to score for the Eagles team:

  • E. Barnett 1st Place in the Discuss
  • J.Dennard 2nd in the 200 meter
  • K. Flemming 4th in the 200 meter
  • P. Warinsky 2nd place in the 200 meter
  • M. Karagias 3rd place in the 400 meter run

FYI top 4 scored in events between the three schools.

April 2 - FYI for middle distance runners and their families. When the season is complete the Goat Island Games in Cramerton is having a 5k road race. You will be in shape to complete the course and have a chance to maybe place within your age group. I posted a link for registration below on this page.

3-30-18 - Spring break Work Outs are posted below. Please scroll down to see your work outs. Remember it is what people do not see you do which makes you better in what goals your pursuing.

If you are coming to optional practice I will be at CMS at 8am so if you get to Track before me starting at 10am please come to the front door.

3-29-18 - House matter concerns. Gentleman, we had practice today. I want to thank the 28 boys who can to practice. I want to THANK the select FEW who gave me written form about not being at practice. For those who did not give me notice I will be speaking with you after break.

After meets parents and I should not have to clean up where we sat. I do have a few articles of clothing I found left behind.

Also, we are missing TWO discus's! I spoke with the boy throwers and ladies please see me after break or please email me of your knowledge where they might be. No one is in trouble.

I am MISSING my spiral where each of the boys stats and times were written. Who ever has it PLEASE give to me ASAP. I have a spread sheet that I will be updating throughout the year from time trails on. I am doing this so you can see your progress and where you are standing for the fight to be top three in your event to go to division and county.

Hydration and food! From day one I have and will continue to preach this. Each time you walk bye a water fountain please take a sip. Remember you know you are hydrated when your urine is a clear color. I am still having people say how they are drinking soda during the day or no potassium. Sixth graders who are competing on race day I HIGHLY encourage to have a small sandwhich (peanut butter) or something with protein. You all eat early in the day and by 4 o'clock your body is going to be hungry and competition efforts could be lack.

Spring Break Optional Practice - Yes I will be having optional practice next week. I will divide times up so I can work more with each event and RUN with the middle distance athletes. Sprinters, some of you can beat me. I am sore for cover 16,000 steps yesterday sprinting in cheering you all on. Great Day again ladies and gentlemen. I will had a workout for those who cannot attend. As I told the boy's at practice today, this is an IMPORTANT time because we do not officially meet back for ten days. ALL the cardio and conditioning you have built up will be lost if you do nothing. Running is not like other sports where you can miss some days and expect to be right back at same point in times and stats. I will add an attachment to the web site tomorrow.

MONDAY, and Wednesday Practice Times: Mid Distance at 10am to 10:45am

Sprinters 11am to 11:45am

Throwers 11:45 am

Tuesday Practice Times: Mid Distance at 10am to 11am

Long and High Jump 11am - 12pm

Throwers 12pm

Thursday Practice Times: Mid Distance 10-11am

Hurdles 11am

IF these times do not fit your schedule and still want to practice please EMAIL me and we can see if we can work something out.

3-27-18 - Few reminders. Tomorrow (3-28-18) runners competing will be getting out of class at 2:45 to change and meet in the cafe. The bus will leave just after 3pm for SP. PARENTS we will have parent release forms if you want to leave after your child is done competing. This form must be signed by a parent.

Icing should be 10 to 15 mins in time no longer than 15 mins. Dixie Cups are great for ice massage. Fill the dixie cup up 3/4's and freeze it. When ready pile the cup back and in circular motion ice the soreness.


I will have OPTIONAL practice next week over spring break. This is to continue with each athletes development and to give them one on one attention. I will post schedule on Thursday and a sign up sheet on my window for those who are interested.

3-26-18 - I posted below an order of events for this Wednesday's Track meet. The Boys competition roster for Wednesday and is posted on my office window.

3-22-18 - Parents, we will be having our Coaches Parents meeting Monday 26, 2018 at 5:30 at CMS in the cafeteria. We need at least ONE parent/Caretaker to be present.

PLEASE remember ALL athletes must have ALL three forms completed before the first meet next Wednesday. Forms list is listed below.

Finally, scroll below and you will find a CMS Track and Field Tee shirt order form. This is optional for the athletes and for parents to purchase one if they desire. I did my best to keep the cost low for you. You have a choice between long and short sleeve and throwers a sleeveless option. If any concerns from the tee shirt form please contact me. Below the tee shirt form is a sizing form. PLEASE consult the sizing chart for best fitting clothes.

When consulting the sizing chart the shirt we will have shirts which are labeled SF, semi fit. ORDER DEADLINE is by end of practice/parent coach's meeting MONDAY, March 26, 2018.

Spring Break Workouts

Boys Track Team

Girls Track Team

3-21-18 - Boys and Girls will meet in the cafe. for brief meeting with Coach Johnson and Coach Niles. We will be going over practices, rosters, rules, and what is expected from you.

Practices from here on out are from 3:30pm to 5pm until other wise told by coaching staff. Student athletes can be picked up in the circle behind school by the athletic fields. All student athletes must have a ride home. NO WALKING HOME unless supervised by an adult.

Gentleman I want to say I have had a blast getting to know you and watching you all grow. I have heard some good remarks from parents regarding how your behavior at home has even changed. I am proud of all of you.

Attention Parents - Student Athletes will need have these three forms completed before the first day of practice:

-Gfeller-Waller NCHSAA Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Custodian Concussion Information Sheet

-Participation Examination Form

-Middle School Athletic Form

All three of these forms are located on the web-site provide above. You can click on click on the link above and you will find the three forms on the right side of the screen.

Final Roster CMS Track 17/18
Track Rules 2018

-Study Hall starts promptly at 3:30pm in the cafeteria and report in to faculty (Ms. Marr, Mrs. Hale, Ms. Harris, and Mrs. Hyde). You are expected to be doing your homework or reading a book (if you do not have homework).

-If you are not going to study hall practice will start promptly at 3:30pm on the track. If you are a no show for practice/study hall until final cuts are made you will be removed from the roster. If you are absent a day from practice you need to provide me an excuse note.

-Please change into your clothing you are going to practice before study hall and practice. If it is not raining you can bring your bag to the track. When it rains we will put your bags into the redirect room while we work and keep them locked up until practice is over.

-Clothing, please have an extra pair of warm clothing to put on after working out to help reduce the risk of getting sick. If you have track spikes they will not be required for practice since our track is asphalt.

-Hydration, please have an water bottle with you for practice and competitions. During the day when you walk pass a water fountain please stop and take a slip of water. Staying hydrated is important factor not only with athletics but in life as well.


Competitions - I have been looking through the rules for our dual meets regarding limits on runners and how many we can transport. As of right now we should be able to have more than three deep in an event, HOWEVER, for division and county championships we are only allowed TOP 3 in each event.

Finally I am looking forward to an exciting year in working with you and watching you grow in the class room as well as on the track.