Bessemer City Primary

School Counseling


Professional School Counselors will strive to meet the needs of all students within our school community. We foster high achievement, good attendance, appropriate behavior, & safe and healthy choices for all students. A school counseling program uses a variety of delivery methods, which may include classroom guidance, small group meetings, and individualized student counseling. Our goals include the cognitive, career, and socio-emotional development of every student. We will use data and collaborate with our students, parents, staff, and community to continually improve our counseling program.


To maximize the potential of all our students, GCS counselors will coordinate and implement a comprehensive school counseling program which adheres to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model and the North Carolina Guidance Essential Standards.

Meeting the needs of our students, parents, staff, and community is our primary focus. Accentuating the importance of good citizenship and college/career readiness, we commit to assisting every student in becoming a 21st Century, lifelong learner.